John Deere Classic

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Callum Tarren

Quick Quotes

Q. Callum, great round. Put yourself in position for Sunday. What was the mindset knowing that you had some ground to make up?

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, obviously J.T. was a long way ahead of us guys today, so I knew that I got to get off to a hot start, and I did.

To go out in 5-under on some difficult holes on the front nine, I was a bit disappointed with the back nine, but I mean, I'm in a good position for tomorrow.

It's time to take it deep tomorrow.

Q. A lot up for grabs tomorrow, a win and a spot in the Open possibly. Are you thinking about that? What does that mean for you here?

CALLUM TARREN: Obviously it's in the back of your mind. One of my goals this season on the PGA Tour is to try and win. The second goal -- first goal was to keep the card; second goal was to try to win.

Having played the Open a few weeks ago, the U.S. Open a few weeks ago, them major championships are just awesome, and I would like to play in a lot more of them.

A good round tomorrow will probably tick a few of those boxes, and hopefully all three.

Q. Have you played St. Andrews and what would that mean?

CALLUM TARREN: I actually haven't. I've been up to St. Andrews, but haven't played the Old Course. To play in the 150th Open would be a dream come true.

Yeah, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Obviously there is still plenty of golf to go, and that golf course is providing a lot of birdies to players.

So I understand that some someone might come from behind tomorrow and shoot a low one, so I've just got to keep my foot to the floor and make as many birdies as possible and eliminate the mistakes.

Q. Can you clarify the section in your bio that says you were at Turnberry. Were you a volunteer?

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I was a volunteer. In England we have something called VAT, that's Value Added Tax.

The government changed from I think 20% down to 17.5%, so everyone who prepaid tickets got a refund for the 2.5% difference, but nobody knew about it.

So on my tent, my job, there was probably 20 people working and nobody came to see us, so I just went and watched golf all week and got paid. Shouldn't really say that, but I did.

Q. Had to be a pretty historic Open.

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I mean, obviously Tom did a great job. I remember watching the last nine holes. I followed him every shot. When he was hitting his 9-iron I think into the last I was on the walk path behind him and I thought it was perfect. Shame he didn't get it done, but it was still an incredible Open.

Q. Did that sharpen your hunger for playing that championship?

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I was kind of young. I don't even know what year it was.

Q. 2009.

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, so I was only young. I was still manage America at college. Obviously watching the best players in the world, I'm a huge golf fan and love watching golf.

Yeah, it's always been a dream come true to play The Open Championship.

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