John Deere Classic

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Zach Johnson

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Zach, 1-over today. Hit a lot of fairways. You missed just one fairway. Just kind of take some positives or positives to be taken today?

ZACH JOHNSON: I need to regroup mentally and figure out what the positives may be.

I didn't putt well today, but I mean, I know these greens really, really well, so I don't have an excuse there.

I probably put myself in position on the par-5s really quite well. I mean, I missed a 5-footer, 6-footer on my first hole, the 10th hole, right out of the gate, and that unfortunately took some momentum right out of me.

I was reflecting coming down my last few holes. I did make a couple of birdies in there, but I think I probably -- I take my play at this place a little bit for granted over the years.

It's not an easy golf course. If you get the ball in play, obviously you can score. So I feel like I'm doing that all right, and I can continue to do that, but I don't know.

I didn't score. I didn't hit it close enough. I didn't putt well. That's probably the summary.

Q. You had I think two bogeys over the first four holes, but then you settled in. Something like ten straight pars and then you had a birdie. Do you feel like you settled into a groove after the first four holes?

ZACH JOHNSON: No. I mean, settling into a groove out here on this golf course against this competition is not pars, so no.

In those ten holes I should have made another bogey on 18, and there's two par-5s in there I didn't birdie.

There was no settling. If anything, it was arguably more frustrating given the amount of putts I missed and the opportunities that I gave away.

Q. Do you take any of the momentum -- I think it was on 18 you chipped in par on the par-4. Do you take any momentum from that, or was that just --

ZACH JOHNSON: I mean, you would like to think so. Hey, here we go, we can get it going on the front/my back side, but I hit a terrible wedge on 1 from the middle of the fairway. I three-putt 2 for par. There was just no momentum.

If I started to gather momentum, it just quickly subsided. I sound like I'm Debbie Downer right now, but I shot 1-over par on a golf course that I know like the back of my hand.

When it's your profession and you shoot 1-over on a golf course like this, you're going to be frustrated. And I am, like I said.

Transparency-wise, again, I think I've taken my play for granted over the years here. I don't know how many times I've shot over par here in the last 15 years in a round, so it hasn't been much.

I'm not trying to -- that's not a subtle brag. That's just a fact. Again, I think I've taken it for granted.

Q. Knowing that, like mentally if you have taken it for granted, is that something you think about over the next few hours when you go to bed tonight and something that will help you tomorrow?

ZACH JOHNSON: I got to figure out some ball-striking things, and then, yeah, probably. I mean, I got to get back to boring golf, which is just creating opportunity by hitting a fairway and hitting a green. The more times I can get my putter in my hand with birdie looks, the better I can climb the board.

I still have got an opportunity tomorrow. If I put a good number up, I can make a charge. That will be my focus. Nothing but that.

The way I see it, I made two birdies on my last four holes. Maybe that can provide momentum for tomorrow. We'll see.

Q. Speaking of not taking things for granted, I know we talk about it every year, but how nice is it to get those cheers from the gallery even after a par or a bogey? You might not feel the best.

ZACH JOHNSON: It's probably a little undeserving. At the same time I'm very grateful. Regardless of what my scorecard shows, regardless if I'm playing really, really good, mediocre, or poor, they're still there.

I probably shouldn't be surprised because I know how the people are here, and like I said, I'm very grateful for it. This tournament means so much. It's hard to really summarize what this tournament means to me and my family.

I don't take them for granted, I'll tell you that. I may take the golf course or my -- not the golf course -- my play over the years for granted. I don't take the people here for granted because they're amazing.

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