TOUR Championship

Friday, September 4, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Abraham Ancer

Quick Quotes

Q. Abe, how would you assess that 64 out there today?

ABRAHAM ANCER: Man, I had fun. It was very solid. I struggled a little bit the last two tournaments off the tee, which I normally feel very comfortable. Figured out what I was doing, and I hit it great today. First eight holes, really solid, got some looks, made four of them, and then grinded for four or five holes, and then it was nice to make that one at the last. It was a beautiful second shot in there and a good solid putt.

Q. Talk us through that eagle if you could. How far did you have on the second shot and what did you hit?

ABRAHAM ANCER: So a little bit downwind from the left off the tee, which makes that fairway a little harder to hit. I think from the right it's a little bit easier. Hit it perfect down the middle, and then I had 236 to clear the bunker and then like 248 or something like that. I could be wrong on that second number. My only thing was what I was thinking was just to clear that bunker on that line, and I hit a 4-iron or a 4-hybrid that I just put in not too long ago, and that little putt at the end was a little double breaker, going a little bit to the right and then coming back to the left a little bit. It was dead on, thankfully.

Q. Is it weird you go out and shoot 64 in the first round of a tournament yet you're obviously still a few shots back with a lot of golf to play? Is it weird kind of figuring that out?

ABRAHAM ANCER: Not that bad. I just picture myself like if this was a five-day event and I shot 1-under yesterday; I just have to make some ground. I didn't think it was that weird. I just look at the leaderboard if I need to to see where I'm at, and actually it's quite nice seeing yourself move up with a good round, which on a golf course like this you can do that. It's not a course that you're going to be able to shoot 10-under or 8-under every day, which good solid rounds can really, really make some moves.

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