TOUR Championship

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Tyrrell Hatton

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize your round out there today?

TYRRELL HATTON: Overall very happy with how I hit the ball. It was a lot better than yesterday. It was a slight adjustment in my setup where I just kind of had my hands a little bit further forward than where they were yesterday, and thankfully I hit a lot more fairways and I think quite a few more greens, as well.

Q. Is it weird sometimes how a small thing in your setup or your swing can make that big of a difference and make that little change and now you play that much better today?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, golf is a funny game. My swing didn't feel like that bad yesterday, but I was just hitting shots I don't normally hit, and it was kind of just trying to figure out what was wrong.

In my warmup today I sent a couple of videos to my dad and he gave me a couple of suggestions when I told him what the ball was doing yesterday to kind of try on the range today. Sent him a few videos through, and obviously we went with like the hands slightly forward, and that definitely worked today, especially with the driver. I drove the ball really well.

Q. Is that your biggest key for the next two days, driving the ball well? Seems like that is the biggest key out here, with how the rough plays?

TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, the rough is just a complete lottery. It's almost not really any skill. It's just a complete guess about how it's going to come out and hope that you get lucky and you guess right.

Yeah, you certainly want to be in the fairway a lot more than you do in the rough.

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