TOUR Championship

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Justin Thomas

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess how things went out there today, Justin?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Frustrating. I played miles better than 1-over par. I should have never shot over par today with how well I played. I'm doing a lot of good things. I just had a hard time getting -- kind of hitting some putts hard enough there in those first four, five, six holes I'd say.

But I mean, I played solid. I hit some good putts. I just made absolutely nothing.

Yeah, I mean, that's just a really bad finish there on 18, so that was a bummer.

Q. We talked about the putting yesterday and you seemed fairly positive. Was it a little different today?

JUSTIN THOMAS: You know, it's not much. I'm making nothing. Again, I know what I'm doing, which is a good thing. It's something I've really struggled with is coming off the course and not really knowing what it is.

But I've had a hard time getting it to the hole this week. I feel like they're a little slower than years past, and trying to trust that the ball is not going to get away from you.

Again, I've kind of had that problem to start, and then I really started hitting some good putts there on 8 through the rest of the round I hit a lot of good putts. I just misread, to be honest.

The hard part is when greens are this good you expect to make everything, and I made nothing.

Q. Even with those frustrations you're right there heading into the last two rounds. You've got to be pleased with that.

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, for sure. I'm sure if a lot of other people would have putted like me they wouldn't be where they are. I'm very pleased with how the rest of my game is doing. I just hit a couple loose drives there on 16 and 18, but still plenty good enough to where I could stay in the hole and make par.

But it is what it is. Through two rounds and I'm in a great place, so I just need to shrug it off.

Q. I know you guys go from golf courses to golf courses every week, but is there something to be said for how fast the greens were last week compared to this week and just making the adjustment?

JUSTIN THOMAS: They weren't really crazy different speeds. I wouldn't say they were that much faster last week, they were just light years firmer. That's the big difference.

Honestly I had a hard time getting the ball to the hole last week at the beginning of the week because they were so firm you want them to be like Augusta, but they weren't as fast. They were just more crusty and firm to where if you got downwind or you got to some bare parts of the green they rolled out; whereas here they're so true they don't have those inconsistencies and being really firm or being soft.

They're just very lush throughout the whole green.

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