TOUR Championship

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Rory McIlroy

Quick Quotes

Q. Just talk a little bit about 18.

RORY MCILROY: Yeah, the lie was sort of iffy. My biggest concern was trying to carry the first bunker on the right there, and I knew I needed to hit it really hard and I swung hard at it, and I got it just -- I got it maybe like right in the middle of the ball and I didn't get -- I felt like if I tried to sweep it, it would be better, and I just sort of came up on it a little bit.

Probably in hindsight trying to take on a little bit too much. So yeah, and then it would have been nice to get away with a par. It wasn't to be.

But yeah, it doesn't look like I'm going to lose any ground today anyway, which is some sort of consolation. But it was a little trickier today. The wind was a bit sort of everywhere. Hole locations were a little more difficult. But I'm still right there, but would have liked to have had a bit of a better finish.

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