TOUR Championship

Friday, September 3, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Tony Finau

Quick Quotes

Q. What was the biggest difference between yesterday and today?

TONY FINAU: I hit more fairways today, which you got to do on this golf course. From the fairways you can give yourself some looks. So I got some nice momentum. I hit a great shot on 15. I made great par save on 14 and then a great shot on 15 to kind of get me going, just to finish off my round. Had a great look on 16 that I hit a good putt on, didn't go in. 17, I made birdie, and then two perfect shots into 18 to give me a great look for eagle. I wouldn't take that putt back, I hit it perfect and it just slid by the hole.

But that was a really nice way to finish. But I hit more fairways today than yesterday.

Q. Crazy how one or two shots can just throw you into that kind of motion where you get that round closing out the way you wanted to, with the save on 14, the good swing on 15?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, just that little momentum, I think is huge. Then it came down to a couple perfect numbers. I had a perfect number on 15 for a 7-iron, and then I had a perfect number on 18 for a 5-iron. So I think those little things like that when they go your way and you end up falling on a good number are always bonuses so you don't have to do anything extra to the club.

Q. What was the biggest difference with your driving today? Was it mechanical things?

TONY FINAU: A little bit. Just hit some balls after the round yesterday and I think it was all I needed just to clean up a few things. And just hit it a little bit better today than I did yesterday and I'm going to have to continue to do that to make a run at this FedExCup on the weekend.

Q. When you shot 72 yesterday, what were your thoughts? Did you feel like you really lost ground or did you feel like, Hey, I can still do this since there's still 54 holes to go?

TONY FINAU: I knew I had to play a lot better than I did when I finished to even have a chance. But the great thing is, starting the position that I did, I still have, I still think I have an opportunity to win the FedExCup. And I knew I needed a good one today. So that finish I thought was huge, just because of that. No matter how Patrick finishes, at least I'm within single digits to make a run on the weekend. And this is a golf course that I know I have a low one in me. I'm going to need one and today was a good start to that.

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