TOUR Championship

Friday, September 3, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Harris English

Quick Quotes

Q. A little bit of a grind out there today. Are you proud to be able to shoot under par with maybe the way you played?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah. I grinded it out twice today. I got a couple over par and it's easy to let that round slip away and I fought back twice. Just one of those days. I just hope that's my worst day and shooting 1-under for hopefully having your worst day of the week is a good fight.

It's one of the things, you hit it in the rough a little bit, and then you can't really hit the green. I had some really nice lies in the rough and hard to make birdie doing that, sometimes hard to make par. So I'm going to go hit a couple balls and work on it a little bit. But I still like my spot. It looks like they're kind of running away with it, Cantlay and Rahm, so hopefully can come out and get a low one tomorrow and get back in it.

Q. A year and a half ago your game was starting to trend back. Would this round have been 1-under or would it maybe have been a couple over par?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, it could have been a couple over par. I still have the confidence that I can do it, that I can fight back, and I'm making three birdies in a row on that back nine on some pretty difficult holes. I know I can do it. It's just about execution out here and putting the ball in the fairway and getting on the green and make some putts. So happy with the way I fought and hopefully that 1-under is my worst round this week.

Q. What will be your mentality heading into the weekend knowing you'll be maybe six or seven back?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, it's still saying aggressive. I still feel like there's a 6-, 7-, 8-under par out here if you have your A game off the tee. So hopefully I can get on that, hit it a little better off the tee tomorrow and start playing really aggressive.

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