TOUR Championship

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Scottie Scheffler

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Good morning. We'd like to welcome Scottie Scheffler here to the interview room at the TOUR Championship; coming into the week No. 1 in the FedExCup standings, starting 10-under par after a four-win season.

Just some opening comments on coming to East Lake.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yeah, definitely looking forward to this week. It's going to be a little weird, the only tournament of the year where you actually start with strokes ahead of the field. But I definitely feel like I'm in a good position and golf course is in great shape this week per usual.

I think it's a really good test of golf, and should be a fun week.

Q. This year certainly has provided you a lot of first experiences, but I'm wondering, how are you processing going into the tournament with an advantage?

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yeah, it's definitely a bit different. I think what's going to probably work best for me is to look at it like a four-day event and really ignore the starting strokes deal and kind of go out there and do my thing and see where it puts me at the end of four days.

Q. Yesterday Patrick said it kind of added a little more pressure on him last year to start with a lead. Do you feel like that? So much talk about the rough here; what did you see yesterday? Did you get out there and test it out?

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yeah, rough is healthy again this year.

Like I said, I think the starting strokes deal is a little bit weird. There might be a tiny bit of added pressure but I get two extra strokes, which is definitely nice. It's definitely a position that I want to be in for sure.

Golf course is in great shape, rough is healthy. Bermuda rough is so difficult to play out. The ball can really sit down, you can get crazy knuckly lies and the ball can fly really far, and getting the ball in play off the tee in the fairway is going to be at a premium this week.

Q. Some people have talked about with the format talking about they've been a leader since they left the BMW. Has anything felt different in these days just being a leader?

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Not really. I'm still just preparing like it's a regular four-day event and kind of going from there. Definitely haven't felt like I've been sleeping on a lead or anything like that. Just kind of feel like I'm just getting ready for a tournament.

Q. I'm just wondering, when was the last time you got strokes when you were playing?

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: (Laughing) It's been a while, yeah. It's nice being on this end of the strokes versus having to give them up to everybody, which is nice, like I have to do at home.

Q. Do you actually remember getting --

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Getting strokes? I don't think so. I'd have to really think. I can't remember anything off the top of my head if I was ever the one getting strokes. I'm not going to give you a hard "no," but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

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