TOUR Championship

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

East Lake Golf Club

Sepp Straka

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you take me through those last three, the birdies?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah. They were really good birdies. 16 -- I hit the fairway in all of 'em, which is the key, really.

16 is a bit of a tough hole, back left pin there. I was pretty comfortable. Left it out to the right a little bit but gave myself a good look. I felt like I was burning edges all day and on those last three it kind of came together and caught a few lips and went in.

Q. Have you been communicating hanging with the other two Bulldogs?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, I mean, I'm always around 'em, eating lunch and -- yeah, every week pretty much.

Q. I wanted to ask you too about when you play this course next year it's going to be totally different. I want to know what your thoughts are about what they're going to do?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, it will be interesting. I hear there's not going to be any water on the range anymore, so I think that will be good. But it will be interesting because it's a really good course. It's a great test. I think, strategy-wise, I think it's one of the better golf courses. You just got to hit the fairway and just get rewarded for good shots out here. So I hope that stays the same. I'm not sure what their plan is, but I'm sure they will do a good job.

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