Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 2, 2020

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Charley Hoffman

Quick Quotes

Q. So far this week 11-under par. Today was kind of an interesting round, a lot of good shots and then some maybe unexplainable ones?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yes. You know what, I put myself in position a lot, made a sloppy bogey on my first hole of the day, missed about a four-footer, but then played pretty solid on that front nine. Then coming down my 11th hole, which was the second hole, I had a perfect yardage, perfect number and I dead fatted it and then dead bladed it back-to-back and actually made, when it's all said and done, a pretty good bogey. And then next hole I'm in the middle of the fairway and hit it way right and missed about a four-footer.

But you know what, off the tee I gave myself a ton of chances. My iron play to the greens is something I need to go work on right now. I got a little quick at the top and hung some shots out to the right, which I know what I did, which I'll fix for tomorrow. If I keep driving it the way I was and rolling the rock that way, I'm going to be all right.

Q. Speaking of rolling the rock, almost 150 feet of putts made today. What is it about these greens that fits your eye and you're able to feel like you're going to make a lot of putts?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, it's one of those, a lot of apexy -- we've tried to get an apex and sort of dribble it down and get it around -- just a lot of imagination going on on the greens actually. Sort of reminds me of Augusta a little bit where you've got to visualize what you want the ball to do, what you want to go over and through, and I've putted those greens at Augusta pretty well, and I've putted these greens fairly well throughout my career.

You know, I can just see the line more than anything. It's when you can see the line you can usually make some putts.

Q. I know you've been spending some time working out; is there anything in particular you're trying to work on? Is it just overall strength and flexibility?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, you know what, during quarantine I got on a Peloton kick like a lot of us did and got in some decent cardio, and then obviously I was lucky enough to have a gym in my house where I'd do the Peloton, then work out. So I stayed pretty active during the quarantine. But no, just like anybody else talking these days, I'm trying to get a little speed. I'm turning 44 in December, so I'm following the Phil Mickelson playing, trying to keep up with him when I'm at home and I'll be all right.

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