Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Nick Watney

Quick Quotes

Q. 7-under today, 143 feet of putts made. How would you describe the day?

NICK WATNEY: It was a fun day, it was one of those days that, even if you hit some really nice shots, you want to make those, but I had a couple of bonus putts, which some days you hit putts that look really good and they just miss, but today a couple of those went in and, yeah, it's one of the most fun days I've had in a while.

Q. Would you say it was a combination with how you're playing and the golf course setting up for you well?

NICK WATNEY: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I drove it really well, especially on my back nine, the front nine. And from the fairway you have obviously the most control, but you can hit it in spots that you can be somewhat aggressive. The greens are super quick, but if you're in the correct spot they're rolling so nice that you can give it a nice roll, as opposed to you get out of position and you hit it up by the green and there's some spots it's just really difficult to get it close. So did a good job of keeping it in play and having a lot of chances.

Q. Can you walk us through the eagle?

NICK WATNEY: Yeah, I hit a great drive and then had just a great number for a 7-wood, which sometimes you hit a great drive and you're in between but it was just a perfect number. I hit a pretty disciplined shot on the green and then holed like a 40-footer or something. So obviously a bonus, but I'll take it on a day like this.

Q. You played well at Fortinet and had a little bit of time off before the season began again, what did you do with that time?

NICK WATNEY: You know, I worked pretty hard. Last year was not what I want at all, so I kind of went through my season and made a really good plan and worked pretty hard. I mean, I wasn't traveling, but I was at the course a lot and I think it's starting to pay off.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about that plan?

NICK WATNEY: Yeah, I mean, first of all putting. I think I missed a lot of putts before I even stroked the ball. I mean, a lot of doubt on my read or stroke or posture, just a lot of unnecessary thoughts. So I tried to kind of develop a process of trusting myself more and so far so good.

Q. Looking back at the scores, the winning score is closer to 20 or so under. Does that add any pressure knowing that you're going to have to go low to be in contention on Sunday?

NICK WATNEY: For me, I can't really think that far in advance. I mean, I've never done well if I thought, Oh, I have to shoot X-under. I just kind of, I think I do my best when I go out and try to play the shot in front of me. I know that's super cliche, but that's truly how I play my best. So that's what -- that's what I was even trying to do today. Got off to a nice start, made the turn at 4-under and I was really trying to focus on the tee shot on the first hole, or No. 1, just to execute on my best on that shot. So, yeah, I mean, it's kind of weather dependent. If it blows or rain, it could change that number, so for me I can't focus on that kind of stuff.

Q. When you play as well as you did today is there anything you can work on for tomorrow or going into the weekend going forward?

NICK WATNEY: Absolutely. Just mental, just try to make everything as small as possible and focus the best you can on this shot. So that will be the challenge tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

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