Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 1, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Aaron Wise

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize your round today?

AARON WISE: Pretty solid. Didn't drive it as well as I think I can, but everything else in the game feels really sharp and if I can tighten up and hit some more fairways, then I think I can have a really good weekend.

Q. How big were those two putts, the two kind of 17 footers on the last two holes there, one for birdie, one for par?

AARON WISE: Specifically 18, I bogeyed 18 yesterday and I didn't want to do it again today and kind of got out of position in the fairway bunker and hit what I thought was a great chip but it just checked up short of kind of the down slope. So really nice to see that one go in and keep some momentum going into tomorrow.

Q. You said you took a little vacation after the BMW after the season ended for you, how big is that to be able to get away from golf and to reset as you go into a new season?

AARON WISE: It's big. It's not something I normally do, I'm not much of a vacationer, I like to work hard and practice, but last season was kind of a long one for me and towards the end it was kind of my motivation to get through those last few events and keep playing well and keep putting in the work. So it was nice to unwind, take some time off, we had a blast with the family and then get back and get to work to get ready for this little stretch.

Q. After the Heritage, you missed the cut at the Heritage, you only missed one cut the last of the year. What was so consistent about your game the latter part of the season?

AARON WISE: Yeah, I think that would be keyed on my iron game. It took a lot of work with my coach to get it to where it's at today but it's something that I can rely on and I feel like it makes playing a lot of courses a lot less stressful when you can kind of hit the ball close and hit a bunch of greens and I think I've been top-10 in greens in regulation maybe the last two seasons, so that's kind of the key of my consistency and something I'm definitely going to lean on this weekend and these next couple events.

Q. You won pretty quickly when you came out on the PGA TOUR. Do you feel like you're becoming more comfortable with seeing all the golf courses now a few different times and kind of how to kind of manage yourself during a week?

AARON WISE: Yeah, the more time you spend out here the easier it gets. Coming here this might be my fourth time playing this event and every year you seem to just kind of get a little more comfortable. You know where to go, you know how the course is going to play and it just gets better and better as time goes on. But I feel really comfortable. At this point it's more about just going my game in a good spot and playing well and I feel like you said, I won early and then I went through some bad spells and I feel like I really appreciate good golf now a lot more than maybe I took it for granted back when I was a rookie.

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