Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 1, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Jimmy Walker

Quick Quotes

Q. 6-under today, 8-under par through 36. What was working so well for you today?

JIMMY WALKER: I hit it a lot better today than I did yesterday, drove it a little better. Some iron shots were a little more crisp. Putted great yesterday, putted really well again today. So that was it.

Q. Coming back from coronavirus last year, how are you feeling, everything good and feeling all right?

JIMMY WALKER: We're lucky, it was pretty much a non-event in our whole household, we all got it. I think we just kind of said, all right, we're all going to get it. We didn't really quarantine much from each other and partly because symptoms didn't show for awhile for my wife and we were all around her and then I got it and then the kids got it. But they, the kids weren't even sick, I wasn't sick, Erin lost her taste and smell for like two days and it was pretty much a non-event for us, so we were pretty lucky.

Q. You have an event coming up that you announced on Instagram for the Lyme Foundation, do you want to explain what you guys are going to do?

JIMMY WALKER: Oh, yeah, so we've done it in the past for the Global Lyme Alliance, their big end of the year fund raiser gala. It's really fun, it's a black tie deal. But I think it's going to be virtual this year. So we did two of them, probably do two of them again, and it's, you bid and you get to come and we play golf, you and your buddies and then Erin and I cook for you at the end of the night, drink some wine, drink some bourbon and shoot the business and that's it. So it's been a really fun deal, the groups that have done it, I've had a great time with them and they're super stoked and pumped and it's pretty cool experience. So everybody go bid on it.

Q. Raises money for a good cause as well.

JIMMY WALKER: For sure. Yeah, Lyme Disease is something that's close to Erin and I's heart, and our little guy. So, a lot of people get it, 3 to 400,000 people a year, so it's a big deal. So the faster you can catch it, the easier it is to get over. So it is something that we're passionate about and my wife is and she's on the board and so hopefully we can bring some money in.

Q. Last few years been a little bit tough for you on the golf course. Obviously with the Lyme Disease diagnosis. Do you think your game's starting to kind of round into the form that you had maybe prior to?

JIMMY WALKER: You know, I never quit working, I never stopped working, it just wasn't happening for whatever reason. I've made some changes, a new coach and I feel like things are getting better. It's a full game kind of makeover everything that we're doing. A lot of it is just kind of getting back to where I was. So I feel pretty good about things. It's hard to say. I mean this is, it's a little emotional, but I'm really happy to be where we are right now. I had a two really good event at the end of the year last year that showed me, hey, man, you still, I think you can do this. So I'm taking that and I've been off for about eight weeks and I've been at home and practicing and working and enjoyed that, being a dad, and I've just kind of got back to where I just, you know, man, whatever happens, happens, this could either be the last full year for a card or you can get it together and keep playing and keep playing really good. So that's the goal. So I'm just out here trying to enjoy it and smile and not get too worked up over things. That's what's going on.

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