Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Cameron Tringale

Quick Quotes

Q. What was working so well for you out there today?

CAMERON TRINGALE: I didn't add it up but I think I was in the fairway a lot and I just had a lot of chances on the, to hit good shots into the greens and I think like everyone knows here if you get the ball started on line you're probably going to make it. So I was just in control, in complete command of the ball and those are fun days, definitely didn't feel that way starting out the week, but I feel like I've gained a little confidence each day.

Q. Did you feel confident with your putter when you went out there because you seemed to make a lot of putts today?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, I do. It was fortunately the speed's not something that I'm very conscious of when I'm putting and I feel like that's when I putt my best is when I am just reacting to the feel. So it's pretty thought less, honestly, and it's working so I'm going to try and keep thinking very little.

Q. When you go low like this is it usually a result of just making a ton of putts or do you have phenomenal ball striking rounds that account for that as well?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, I mean I would say this was a combination of hitting a lot of good shots and having good breaks just on the same day. I did give myself a lot of chances, I was never out of position, I was putting uphill most of the time and a 70-footer and a hole-out, you know, if -- if I 3-putt that one and don't get up-and-down, that's four shots difference right there and to go along with a lot of other 15, 20-footers I made. So...

Q. What motivates you right now? You've been on TOUR for a long time and what kind of keeps you going?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Just the competition. I love playing, obviously I've been out here a long time, I haven't won, but I love competing and I just want to see if I can keep beating guys and you know you compete every day, Sunday they give the trophies away, but you're really out there grinding and you're playing against yourself, but it's just fun to see how I can match up when I'm playing well and even when I'm not, just how to manage that and get the most out of each week. That's kind of the fun part for me. I'm kind of a journeyman to this point and I'm enjoying the journey.

Q. Did you watch the Ryder Cup and did you take away any motivation from that sort of light ago fire?

CAMERON TRINGALE: I did watch a little bit on Sunday and it certainly is cool to see your peers doing something so different in golf in the Ryder Cup, I think everyone know, it stands in its own atmosphere in terms of the environment and how cool it is to be a part of. So I would say motivating, yeah, I think back to the some of the team events that I've been a part of in amateur golf and it's definitely something different and fun and I would say it put a little courage in me to go out there and compete.

Q. A year or two ago you reworked your swing a little bit, gained some speed. Do you feel like that's helped you stay competitive all these years kind of being able to keep up with some of these younger guys?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, it certainly did at the time. I would say I've probably, I'm not probably where I was at my peak, I've come down a little bit in speed, but it's definitely it gave me a new enthusiasm for working on my swing and having some goals in terms of how I'm swinging, because I think at 34 I'm for the most part I am who I am and I'm just trying to tweak that now and be the best Cameron I can be. But my game's not changing a whole lot as far as it giving me, helping me to stay competitive. Distance always helps, but that's not really -- I'm not a bomber, even with the speed gains, so I'm just trying to be a good finesse player and chip and putt my way around these places.

Q. When you put yourself in these positions being in contention going into Sunday and on Sunday what do you draw back on to kind of help you along when you get into those tough times maybe in those spots?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Well I think your routine and just how you're going into each shot. I think that's something that in you're really invested into your process, then it can free you up to play some really good golf and so I think if that's your foundation, then the good days will come, the bad days will come, but if you're committed to that process then that's all you can really do in this game. So that's kind of been one of my goals is to really step up to the plate a hundred percent in on every shot and certainly the best guys in the world do that with regularity and so that's what I'm aspiring to.

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