Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Trey Mullinax

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize your round today?

TREY MULLINAX: Really good, okay, and then really good. I drove it really good early, I didn't drive it as well on the back nine as I did the front. If you're in the rough out here it's just very difficult, it's hard to get shots close. I judged a few of them really well today out of the rough, catching fliers. Hopefully tomorrow just get the ball in the fairway a little bit more and give myself a bunch of opportunities.

Q. This type of course suits your eye, you grew up down in Alabama, do you play on courses like this with similar types of grass and everything?

TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, no, a hundred percent. Growing up in this kind of rough, these greens, I really enjoy them. These greens are, I mean, heck, they're some of the best we play all year they're top 5 for sure. They roll so good. If you put a good roll on it you're going to have a good chance to make it. So I'm really excited about tomorrow, I think if I hit a, if I can keep the ball in play off the tee like I did the first two days, I think I'll have a really good chance.

Q. How much does that the win at the Korn Ferry Finals, and the final event, how did that kind of help your game, help your confidence and everything?

TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, I started playing really good around Boise. I hadn't been playing bad all year I just been battling injuries. So I finally in Boise I was healthy, I took some time off because I knew that I had the finals locked up and so I took some time off, rested and really got everything that I needed done to where I could really focus on those three events. And I played really, really good. I played great in Evansville, got beat, but was glad to be able to get my card back and come out here and then have a chance to play well out here.

Q. It has been a rough few years with some injuries, but you also, as you mentioned, two beautiful children. How has everything kind of, the injuries, the tough times, family, how has that kind of all put golf in perspective for you?

TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, I leaned hard on my faith. I have a such a great support system around me from my wife, my mom and dad, my family at home, my friends, my trainers, all of them have just been pouring into me positivity and I've just been really trying to hone in on that and just know that at the end of the day the good lord's got a plan I'm just going to put a smile on my face and enjoy what I do.

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