Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Cameron Young

Quick Quotes

Q. I have to ask you, there was one birdie out there where you were off the green and you had a really funny reaction like something happened that wasn't supposed to happen.

CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, no, I hit the worst putt I've ever hit in my life and then it bounced right and I thought it was going to go left to right and it went right-to-left and went in. I have no idea why or how but kind of a nice bonus.

Q. Then immediately after that, I think it was immediately after that you got up to the tee I think it was on a par-5 and you went so far right that you kind of released the club. Like what happened there?

CAMERON YOUNG: I hit it right. I don't know. Yeah, I just hit it way right and that was just a natural reaction.

Q. Was that your worse shot of the day or was it the putt?

CAMERON YOUNG: They were both pretty bad. I don't know. That one wasn't good. The putt went in so that can't be the worst.

Q. If anybody had seen you hit those two shots would they have ever believed that you were going into tomorrow with a very really?

CAMERON YOUNG: No, they would have thought it was club championship qualifying somewhere.

Q. I think you hit five fairways, is that right?

CAMERON YOUNG: I have no idea.

Q. A lot of them are just barely off?

CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah. It was just in the rough all day.

Q. And then I just asked Sahith, but what's your, of all the victories that you've had in junior golf as an amateur, whatever what's your best victory that you've had?

CAMERON YOUNG: My first one really was a Westchester Amateur when I was 14 I think. That was the first time that I won anything that wasn't junior, like strictly age group junior golf, I think. So that being the first one kind of proving that I could win something that wasn't against people my age or that like people that you typically associate me with, playing with 13 and 14 year olds. That was a big one. And then my second Korn Ferry win this past May I think would be up there as well. We played in horrific conditions and I had just won the week before and it was just a battle, a mental battle the whole week. You're cold and wet and tired the whole week. So that one.

Q. Where were you?

CAMERON YOUNG: That was Glenview or The Glen Club in Chicago.

Q. So are you secretly hoping for rain tomorrow?

CAMERON YOUNG: Absolutely.

Q. Not so --

CAMERON YOUNG: If it's going to rain I'm hoping for rain. If it's not, I'll be just fine.

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