Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, September 30, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Thomas Detry

Quick Quotes

Q. 10-under through two rounds. What's been clicking for you this week?

THOMAS DETRY: I would say putting. Putting has been really nice. I've made only 240 feet of putts the last two days, so that helps. Although I've missed a couple short ones, but that doesn't matter. I can't complain about the putter. It's been really good. I drove it beautifully well yesterday. Today I struggled a little bit. Going to go to the range now and work on that for a little bit.

Q. How do you keep fresh with all the zigzagging between tours?

THOMAS DETRY: It's a good question. I don't even know myself. I try to rest a lot. I seem to do lots of workouts, and I took it down a little bit, try to do mostly rest, eat healthy, sleep a lot. That's all I really can do. But it's true, I've been travel a lot. I played the Korn Ferry TOUR finals the last few weeks, went back for London, for Wentworth, the BMW PGA at Wentworth, and came back for the Fortinet. Luckily enough had a week off last week so I was able to recharge a little bit, but yeah, I'm feeling refreshed now. It's good.

Q. What do you think inspired you to go play the Fortinet the week after the BMW?

THOMAS DETRY: You know, the situation with having a Korn Ferry card. You obviously don't get into every single event, so you kind of have to take your chances the first event you get into. You have to try to put points on the board as soon as you can, and that's what I did.

Q. When did you decide to play the Korn Ferry finals?

THOMAS DETRY: You know, I was qualified for it last year. I didn't go. I regretted it. This year I was in between going and not going, and I made a really last-minute decision to go, and it paid off.

Q. Were there conversations with your team about that decision?

THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, you know, with my caddie, with my team. We were like, maybe focus on Europe, try to win in Europe, focus on the DP World, let's get a win. Let's be as high as we can on the Race to Dubai. Then there was a few factors coming in, the range in the World Ranking system and all these things that made it a bit more complicated, and I was fully ready to come out here and give it a good try.

Q. When you have a week like this through two days, is there anything that changes in your preparation into tomorrow knowing that you're in the lead, or do you try to keep --

THOMAS DETRY: No, nothing. I've kept it really simple. I haven't really hit a shot -- last week I was completely resting. I've hit balls for like 15 minutes on the range on Tuesday, and I was hitting it well, so that's all I have to do really. Work on pace a little bit, but my putting has been decent. I think it's mostly a bit -- I'll do some driving, try to get comfortable again with the driver, and then see what happens on the weekends.

Q. 15 minutes on Tuesday on the range, and then how much would you say the last three days how long you spent on the range?

THOMAS DETRY: On the range? Not much, just warming up for the tournament, that's it really. But I haven't really spent that much time.

Obviously what's always the key for me is really important, working on my wedges, yardages, distances. I try to do that, but not more than 10, 15 minutes a day.

Q. Nick Hardy is the mix, too. What do you remember about him form college?

THOMAS DETRY: Me and Nick, he's one of my really good friends. I was on my own at the Korn Ferry finals a few weeks ago. We roomed together. It was nice not being on my own here, so we roomed together. He's been able to guide me. Obviously he's gone through Korn Ferry PGA TOUR last year, so we're good friends and it's been really nice.

Q. Did you pick his brain on any of the courses in the Korn Ferry finals?

THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, we've played a couple of practice rounds together. He's beaten me every time that we've played money games and I've lost.

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