Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Keegan Bradley

Quick Quotes

Q. What was the biggest difference from the last couple days to today?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, today I hit more fairways. I was just saying, if you hit the fairway on this course, every hole you can score on. But the rough is so brutal that you cannot if you don't.

Today was a better day for hitting fairways for me.

Q. What was the biggest difference with your driver? Anything specific?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I had a little session last night with my coach over FaceTime last night after my round, Darren May, and we got some stuff sorted out, but I'm going to go whack a few here and be even tighter today.

Q. You had that stretch of five straight birdies when you started the back nine. When you kind of get into a zone like that, does it seem way too easy at that point? Does it just come easier?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, well, that stretch there is gettable for sure. You've got a lot of wedges to a couple par-5s and a short par-3. You're able to really -- I got on a roll there. I made a couple nice putts and then I hit a couple to tap-in, which was a lot of fun.

Q. You're at the top of the leaderboard right now, still a lot of golf to be played, but what's an afternoon like this like for you now? Are you going to pay attention to what goes on this afternoon or just go relax and get ready for tomorrow?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, I'll go watch football probably. I'm excited to watch some football. I'm going to go hit a few balls, and hopefully I'm around where I can sniff for this lead to hopefully contend for the tournament tomorrow.

Q. You came in fourth in this championship last year. What is it about this Country Club of Jackson that you like so much, and when you talk about getting that five straight birdies on the back nine, what about that stretch is so gettable?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I do love this course. It's one of my favorites of the year. I love the way it's tree-lined. I like how there's a fairway out there and there's a green there's not a lot of tricks to it, and the greens are perfect.

I absolutely love this place. You can get on a run out here. If you're hitting the fairways, like I said, there's a lot of scoring opportunities.

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