Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Sepp Straka

Quick Quotes

Q. Sepp, how would you characterize the day today?

SEPP STRAKA: I hung in there nicely, which was really important. You're not going to have your best stuff every day, and I definitely did not today. Shooting 3-under, not having my best stuff, I'm pretty happy with it. The putter really kind of left me hanging there. But yeah, these greens are fast. If you're just off a little bit, it's easy to miss putts.

Q. Is it a difference for you, where you were a year ago where maybe you didn't have your best stuff, but now maybe a little bit more confidence, a winner on the PGA TOUR, maybe this kind of helps you a little bit?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, for sure. I feel like in my good weeks, I've always had that kind of -- because you're not going to have your best stuff for four days, otherwise you'd win by a landslide. Yeah, I think those bad days have been a little bit better in terms of just sticking in there and hanging in there and not making big mistakes. I feel like that's what I do well on my good weeks.

Q. Will you be able to pull from the thoughts from your win at Honda last year tomorrow to kind of help you along?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, a little bit. Anytime you can put yourself in the position to win a tournament is a big plus, whether you end up winning or not. You just learn because every situation is different. Every time you find yourself there on Sunday afternoon, it's a different feel, it's a different situation.

Yeah, I think just the most important part is just trying to shoot a good round and see where you end up.

Q. You made it to East Lake last year, finishing up the season. Do you feel like that might be a little bit of an advantage, a little bit of that confidence going into tomorrow even though you're going to be a few shots back?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, I really don't think so. I think it's an even playing field tomorrow. I think having been in the situation where you're trying to win a golf tournament is a little bit of an advantage, but yeah, I don't think my results last year really will help me. I think it's really just the experience that you get from putting yourself in those positions.

Q. Do you feel like that experience, making it there, that confidence, that could be -- not a deciding factor but something that could really help you?

SEPP STRAKA: For sure, yeah, just all the good events I had to put me in that situation, all the big pressure moments you play in, those definitely help you because you never feel comfortable, just a little more used to the feeling when you get in that situation.

Q. You mentioned about not having to play perfect to win; is that something you've had to learn to buy into over time or is that something you've always known?

SEPP STRAKA: Definitely something I had to learn. I was way too hard on myself. I'm still hard on myself, but just knowing that you're not going to have your best stuff all four days. It's just not going to happen.

Every winner of every week has hit bad shots, and you've just got to kind of pick up and go from where you left off.

Q. Did winning help you fully validate that sentiment in your mind?

SEPP STRAKA: I think so, yeah, for sure. I think when I won at the Honda, I shot 1-over the first round, which isn't terrible on that golf course, but yeah, I think that definitely helped me knowing all the bad shots I hit that week, just knowing that I ended up on top definitely helps you.

Q. This week is your wife's 30th birthday?

SEPP STRAKA: That's right, yesterday.

Q. How did you celebrate?

SEPP STRAKA: We went to Kessler Prime last night and had a steak. It was nice.

Q. Nice week to get in the mix on top of that birthday week, as well?

SEPP STRAKA: For sure, yeah, but the birthday is more important, obviously.

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