Sanderson Farms Championship

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Sepp Straka

Quick Quotes

Q. Sepp, always difficult after a playoff loss. If we can just get some thoughts on what's going through your head?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, obviously wanted to get the win. Disappointed with that. But I played really well today. I shot 67 on a Sunday, came from behind and got myself in a playoff. Mac played great, birdieing 18. 18 is not an easy hole. Yeah, happy for him, and looking forward to some more.

Q. Take us through the putts on both playoff holes.

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, so my first playoff hole was very similar to regulation. A little bit of a different angle but very similar. In regulation the putt just broke a lot left. Then the first playoff hole it just didn't break hardly at all. I felt like I hit a pretty good putt.

Yeah, second playoff hole, similar thing. It was kind of tough reading them. The shade was over the green from the grandstand and with the sun getting low. It was tough reading them on the 18th green, but hit a couple good putts, and that's all you can do.

Q. Two Playoffs in your last four starts, playing so well. What will you carry away from this week?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, just more experience of getting myself in the hunt. I think that's huge, the kind of experience you can't buy. It's always the goal at the beginning of the week is on Sunday afternoon to have a chance, and I gave myself a chance. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but next time it will.

Q. I thought you hit two good putts on both playoff holes.

SEPP STRAKA: I did, yeah. They both kind of fooled me. With the sun going down, it's pretty dark out here, so it's hard to read them. I had a similar putt as the first putt on the first playoff hole in regulation, and it just broke left, and the second time it didn't. Gave myself a couple good chances and unfortunately wasn't able to convert.

Q. You're playing awfully well. When you lose a playoff like this, it just happens sometimes.

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, I mean, Mac played great. 18th hole is no bargain. It's a hard hole, and he had a good up-and-down to force a playoff and then birdie on that hole is a great hole. Yeah, happy, proud of him and happy for him.

Q. You're playing at a very high level right now. You've got to be really confident.

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, I'm excited. Golf game is pretty good, especially coming out of the break, you never know how you come out of a longer break. Yeah, happy the game is in good shape, and looking forward to next week.

Q. How would you characterize how the day went?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, it was a great day. I played great golf on a tough Sunday. The wind was kind of swirly. Laid down here later, but swirly and kind of gusty, so it played really tough today, and I'm really proud of the way I played.

Q. What did you see in the two putts that you had on the first and second playoff hole?

SEPP STRAKA: Yeah, so the first playoff hole was really similar to my regulation putt, and my putt in regulation just kept breaking left, so I thought that one would do the same thing, and it just hung out to the right and never really broke. Yeah, just a little misread on the second playoff hole here, too. Hit good putts, gave myself good chances, but unfortunately couldn't convert.

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