Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Ludvig Åberg

Quick Quotes

Q. Ludvig, just assess that round for you. Got to be pretty happy with 5-under today, right?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Yeah, absolutely. Going into the day, I was a bit tired, not going to lie, but I knew what I was capable of doing, and it was pretty cool to see that showing up.

It's always nice to get off to a nice start, no matter what the tournament is or what the situation is.

Felt like I hit the ball solid today. Kind of a weird day on the greens, to be honest. I made a few longer ones but then I also missed a few shorter ones. It's just one of them days. Overall really happy with the way I played.

Q. You haven't been over par much at all since you turned pro, but you were 1-over after three today and bogeyed that par-5. What was that feeling like but then to turn around and come back and make a bunch of birdies?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Yeah, obviously No. 3 is a gettable par-5 and I messed it up. I missed long and had a really thick lie in the rough and missed a short one. Obviously not ideal, but I also knew that there was a lot of golf left to be played.

A little bit different from last week. Last week was more of a sprint when you were playing match play, but here it's a little bit more like a marathon, so I tried to view it that way and stick to my routines and make sure that I do all these things good that I can control. Luckily I made a few after that and came in with a pretty good score.

Q. How do you actually feel right now physically?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Physically I feel fine, to be honest. I thought it was going to be a little bit worse, to be fair, but I'm going to be tired. I'm going to have a quick dinner and make sure to get some rest. It's an early morning tomorrow morning, as well, so I'll make sure to try to conserve the energy as good as I can.

Q. How do you handle the emotions or at least controlling them when you're going through a round like this? How do you control the ups and downs and not be too much on one side?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Yeah, I think me personally, I try to keep it very neutral no matter what my score is. I like to think that if I'm 6-over or if I'm 6-under I'm going to treat the shot the same way. Whether I make a few bogeys from the start doesn't really matter to me. I try to hit each shot as good as I can and then see where that takes me.

It is difficult. It's something that I've worked on for a long time, and hopefully I'll be able to keep doing that.

Q. What's the reaction been like from your peers and caddies and everybody since you have been here a few days now?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Yeah, it's been really cool. A lot of people been congratulating me and kind of tapping me on the back, which is pretty cool for me to see. Obviously I'm kind of new to all this still and haven't been here for that long, but to feel that respect from the other guys has been pretty cool. Obviously I have the respect for them, but to see that being mutual is really cool.

But I'll be cheering for them, as well, in the future.

Q. I want to ask you about the conditions. So different from when you guys were practicing. You got some rain today. How different was it? Was it difficult to adjust to that?

LUDVIG ÅBERG: Yeah, it was quite different. Obviously today was a different wind from -- this is my first time playing the golf course, as well, so I played nine Tuesday, played nine Wednesday, and the wind has been different every day. It takes a little bit more of a strategic perspective to it.

But I trust my caddie. I trust his work. He tells me where to hit it, and I try to do that.

It's a little bit different for me coming here. With Bermudagrass it's a little bit different, too, from last week, so try to get used to that and try to do as good as I can.

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