Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 6, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Joel Dahmen

Quick Quotes

Q. Joel, obviously a good round for you there. What were you seeing out on the course that was working for you today?

JOEL DAHMEN: I drove the ball unbelievably well the last two days. I think I've only missed three or four fairways, two or three fairways maybe, so I'm always in the fairway, which you can attack from.

Irons got a little sloppy at the end, but I made a bunch of putts today. Yesterday I didn't putt well at all. I wouldn't say I didn't putt well; the ball just didn't go in the hole, and today the ball went in the hole. My amazing caddie Geno gave me a couple reads today, so that was good. Gave me some terrible reads, like usual, but it was nice.

I've struggled a lot with golf recently, so it was nice to keep it together.

Q. When we talked on Tuesday, you were talking about some of the struggles of the past few months for you. How nice is it to be in position now to kind of compete going into the weekend?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, like I said, I think it's only been one time in Tahoe out of the last, whatever it's been, nine months now. So yeah, it's nice to be around. I'm hitting the ball in play. If I can just kind of sharpen up the irons, I think I can kind of hang around this weekend.

Q. It looks like you were doing a lot of work on the range early this week. How much work have you been doing at home leading up to this point to see these red figures?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, it's amazing what happens when you work with your golf coach at home and you hit a couple balls. I had a great lesson with him last week and played really well at home with some buddies on a Thursday, and I was like, I think this is kind of clicking, coming together. You never know until you bring it out here, but it's working. Maybe there is something to hitting golf balls and practicing a little bit.

We'll just keep going down that route.

Q. I think Geno has got a little assignment this afternoon. Your thoughts on that and have you been discussing it much?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, a little bit. Geno is going to go out this afternoon with PGA TOUR Live. I think he's partnering with Robert Damron. Geno is exceptional at that stuff. He did a little bit last year.

Just some of the commentary that he has with me, I hope that he gets to show on the broadcast. He's going to be great. That's what I'm doing this afternoon. I'm going to sit down and watch and listen.

Q. I wanted to ask you, I know it's a bye week for the Huskies, but you've been watching closely. What are your thoughts on their chances as Pac-12 play picks up and your thoughts on Mike Penix?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, Penix for Heisman right now. He's a stud. We have a huge game next week with Oregon. We're at home, thankfully. It's going to be a close game. I think it's going to be a huge, huge point total.

Whoever has the ball last might win in that one. We're not known for defense out west. I'm excited. It's already on my calendar. I have a spot on my couch, and I'm excited for that one.

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