Shriners Hospitals for Children Open

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Rob Oppenheim

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice round. I looked at the stats. You only missed one fairway; only missed one green; you shoot 7-under.

Big smile on your face. That had to be fun today of?

ROB OPPENHEIM: Yeah, it was a great start. Happy to be in the field, to be honest with you. I was first alternate to start the day. Tried to Monday qualify and missed that in a playoff.

So just getting into the field is a complete bonus. And, you know, no expectations, but conditions were perfect and I was able to take advantage of that.

Q. Take our listeners through what it's like when you don't know if you're going to be teeing off on Thursday or not? What do you do at the golf course? Just try to practice? Wait around? Kind of pace yourself and not get your hopes up really high?

ROB OPPENHEIM: Yeah, no question. Luckily it was early. It was a 7:55 tee time, so I was here at 6:15. The first tee time I think was 6:45, so I was here planning on -- you know, ready for that time. But sometimes it could be afternoon. You never know when a tee times is. Just ready to go whenever you get that call, if you get that call.

Was fortunate to get that call and take advantage of a good start.

Q. I was going to say, what was the key? Anything in particular in your game you were happy with?

ROB OPPENHEIM: Like you said, I hit a lot of fairways, irons were good, made some putts. I had two three-putts so going to go work on my speed.

I was a little aggressive, but made putts. You got to make putts out here to score. The conditions were perfect, so I think there will be some low scores this afternoon as well. Good start.

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