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Friday, October 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Martin Laird

Quick Quotes

Q. Martin, eagle on the last punctuating a second round 63. How big was that to finish on that note?

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, that was nice. Obviously I wasn't sure I could get that club there. I was just trying to hit out in front of the green and it came out really good and skipped up there to four feet.

That was a nice way finish what was overall a very good day.

Q. And what point in your round could you tell you were in a groove today, I'm going to be able to go low?

MARTIN LAIRD: You know, yesterday and today I hit it really well. Yesterday I felt like I left a lot -- you know, missed a bunch of opportunities. Hit a lot of good shots; didn't convert. Some eagle putts that I had pretty good looks at I didn't make.

It was kind of a similar story on my front nine, which was the back nine here. Hit it great, didn't make anything, and then I finally started making some putts on the score shows. That was fun.

Q. Is there anything you've been working on leading up to this tournament to give you an indication that you were going to put together a start like this through 36?

MARTIN LAIRD: You know, I played really nicely last week tee to green, of even the week before in the Dominican. I it had the ball great; just putted not great.

I've been working hard on my putting for a couple weeks. Last week was an average week on the greens and had a solid finish, top 30.

I knew coming in if I keep hitting it like that, you know, I like it here. I feel like I know these greens pretty well. I really was just trying to do the same as last week and hopefully make some putts, and so far I've being doing that.

Q. What a great way to end the day. We had you 238 out hitting into the ninth green. Tell me about the eagle.

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, I hit 5-iron and I didn't think I could maybe get it there. But to that pin, if you're five yards short of the green it's a pretty straightforward chip up the green.

We were really just trying to hit it down there front edge just short, and as soon as I hit it I just got it absolutely right out of the screws and I said to my caddie, That's as good as I got. Let's see if it gets there.

It landed perfect, like a yard short, and skipped up to about four feet. It was a nice way to finish for sure.

Q. I was up at the green. After contact I saw you leaning a little bit. I'm saying, those bunkers are in play. You cleared them by a couple yards and just rolled up perfectly, and you made the putt. I know putting has been big for you the last couple weeks.

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, I've been hitting it great feel like for a while. Been working hard on the putting. It's coming around nicely.

I putted pretty nicely last week. Just didn't make enough in the 15- to 20-footer range. Holed out really nicely, so took a lot the positives out of that. I knew if I kept -- my swing feels great. It's right where I want it. Feel like I'm controlling my ball flight really well, and knew I just needed to make some putts.

Even yesterday. I putted okay yesterday, not great, and had a good round. I said to my coach last night, If I just keep doing this and I get a day when the putts start going in, it could get really good. They finally went in on that back nine today and it was fun.

Q. Golf never owes anything to anybody, but I was behind 17 green a couple years ago when Jonathan Byrd made the hole in one. Do you ever think of this as unfinished business?

MARTIN LAIRD: No, I was fortunate enough to win it before. If that was my only chance to win it and that happened maybe I would be a little more upset.

I mean, what can you do about a hole in one in a playoff? I mean, obviously it might never happen again, walk-off hole-in-one, so I'm a little parted of history, and you can't get mad when someone makes a one on you.

Q. One more. Speaking of that, Bryson and Patrick have dominated this golf course over the last two or three years. Talk about your motivation going into the weekend here at a golf course you've played extremely well in the past as well. How can you use that experience?

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, I feel like it's definitely a course that some local knowledge, you know the greens are allege tricky sometimes with the way they break. I kind of know where to hit it around here and know the holes you judge just play a little more conservative and the holes you can play aggressive.

I needed an exemption to get into this week. I wasn't in this week after having surgery last year, so I was appreciative that he gave me a spot.

I came here wanting to show my appreciation, and obviously the way I've played first two rounds I'm very happy.

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