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Friday, October 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Kevin Na

Quick Quotes

Q. Another fun day in the desert for you. Another 5-under, 10-under heading into the weekend. Thoughts on how the round went today?

KEVIN NA: I played well. My putter was really cold until I made a few on the other side. But, you know, I was playing really solid, and then that 3-putt from 32 feet on 16 was a bit painful. I really just haven't made much putts until in the last, you know, six holes or something and I made a couple.

I didn't realize how tough that's greens were to read till this week.

Q. I like the facts you gave it the fist pump at 8 when you make that up and down. As many birdies as you make out here, the fact that you can get excited about a par save, that's crucial as you head to the weekend.

KEVIN NA: Yeah, this golf course you have to go low. You're going to make your birdies if you stay patient, but if you make no bogeys you're going to rack up all those birdies, right?

So it's a key when you have those six-, seven-footers for par that you make those. I made two nice pars today. I did make one -- two nice putts for par. I did make one bogey unfortunately. No bogey yesterday.

So only one bogey for the week so far, that's good.

Q. Finally, thoughts heading into the weekend? Confident in your game; anything you'll work on this afternoon?

KEVIN NA: I'm hitting the ball well, I'm driving the well. If I can make a few more putts -- my putter stroke doesn't feel bad. I feel like we misread a few. Like on the last hole I had a 12 -- footer for eagle. We had it four inches on the right. I started four inches on the right and missed the hole by two inches.

That usually doesn't happen for me out here. Kenny and I are not agreeing on some greens. You know, like on 17 I had the putt at right center and I looked and I go, What do you think? He goes, Left center to inside left. Oh, shit.

So -- and I played it straight to left center and went left, and I'm kicking myself. Man, I know these greens, right?

But, yeah, I'm doing fine.

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