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Friday, October 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Stewart Cink

Quick Quotes

Q. Stewart, congratulations. Any time you make five birdies and two eagles that's got to be a fun 18 holes of golf. How much fun was it?

STEWART CINK: Yeah, it really fun. My caddie, Kip, and were on the same page a lot today, which is nice. I've had my son Reagan caddying for me for a couple tournaments now and he was great.

Now Kip is back and we're -- we haven't missed a step really. It's been nice. We're seeing things the right way and I'm executing pretty well, so...

This course will yelled if you execute. If you hit the ball in play off the tee and it's going to present you with a lot of looks for birdie. Even though aggression is the name of game of shooting low, you still have to be patient to let it happen.

Q. ShotLink says 133 feet worth putts of today. Did it feel like it?

STEWART CINK: It wasn't like it was a ton of bombs, but I hit it 15 feet a lot and a lot of those went in. Didn't made a lot of putts. I made a couple from off the green, one from off the green, and the two eagles, they weren't really long putts but they were still bonus holes.

It's fun to -- I've made some changes in my game the last month or so and paid off really quickly with a win, and now it's just fun to get out there and wail on the driver and see the shots. Golf is a fun game when you got things going right, and hopefully let it last a long time.

Q. You mentioned the win at Safeway. The social media reaction that I saw to your win was just incredible. People who follow the game, players in the game, just so excited that you were back in the win column. What was the reaction that you were getting when you finally got home after the tournament?

STEWART CINK: Well, actually I didn't get to see much of that. We got home on Monday, and Wednesday we turned around and went on an eight-day trip out west in a van with my in-laws. I pretty much was off the grid for eight days and didn't participate too much in that.

It was nice to hear from all my friends out here. I got a lot of friends over the years and a lot of people I don't really know that well, too, have reached put, which was nice.

It was just really special. I wanted to win that tournament so bad because my son, Reagan was caddying for me. More so for him than for myself, which probably led to me being more calm under the gun and down the stretch.

It's nice to hear that the world recognized that an old timer got back in the winner's circle, and I certainly enjoyed it myself.

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