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Friday, October 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Peter Malnati

Quick Quotes

Q. Peter, incredible round of golf; incredible finish. Talk a little bit about the day.

PETER MALNATI: Yeah, I mean, pretty crazy. Obviously riding a little momentum in from last week playing well. Yeah, just feel like I'm swinging it well, hitting it where I want to for the most part. And then the putter seemed it cool off a little bit yesterday and heated back up today.

Yeah, it's pretty fun right now.

Q. Take us through the 9th hole there, the eagle.

PETER MALNATI: Yeah, I hit what felt like a really nice drive. It leaked a little right; ended up in the first cut on the right side, but had a nice yardage. Just hit a good full 5-iron to the front pin and it landed kind of in the perfect spot. Kind of deadened it a little bit and went 12 or 15 feet past the hole and poured it right in.

Q. Logjam up at the top. Just talk a little bit about your thoughts going into the he weekend.

PETER MALNATI: It was pretty crazy. I remember -- I don't know if was to two or three years ago. It was the year that Cantlay, and Alex Cejka was also in the playoff. I think the playoff was at 7-under. I think they were at 7-under through four rounds and played off.

This year the lead halfway is at 14-under. The cut I think is going to 7-under. It's a course that I know can get difficult with wind and firmness and all that, so I don't know if that's going to happen or not.

My plan is just going to go out and keep trying to do my best. That's all I ever really do. I will go out this weekend, and if it stays like this, hopefully make a lot more birdies.

Q. You were talking about riding a wave. How much fun is golf for you right now?

PETER MALNATI: Oh, my gosh. It's a blast. I think I said this last week on Sunday when I finished my round. This is my absolute dream job, and that's true even though it beats me up so much more than it gives me times like this.

I think what makes the game so cool is the fact that all the failure, all the struggle, all the difficulty, it just completely is erased by a day that feels like this.

It's just the best when your sport feels like this, so it's a lot of fun, like you said.

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