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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Wyndham Clark

Quick Quotes

Q. What a day for you on the par-5s. Couple eagles out there. How great is that? In fact, you played the three par-5s in 5-under par.

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, that's usually my strong suit, and it is nice to get -- I mean, made a long putt and chipped in so they were a little unlikely. I had good opportunities early in the week and just didn't take advantage on the par-5.

It's nice to capitalize today.

Q. Looking at your putting numbers, you made more than 300 feet in putts through three rounds. And you look at that, the putting hasn't been so good in the first two events of the year. Are you doing anything differently to get those results?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, you know my rookie year I putted great and last year I kind of struggled a little bit with the putter.

I have since switched through plethora of putters and now I finally found one I really like and we're sticking with that.

And then I did some setup changes this week. I'm really seeing the lines good this week, and then my speed has been fantastic, so that's kind of been the difference.

Q. What did you switch to?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Using mallet. It's the gunboat, PXG gunboat. I used to use a blade and I was trying all the different things and we just simplified it and just went to the gunboat, and that's what we're sticking with.

Q. You said you worked on alignment. I saw Boyd Summerhays out here. Did you work with him?

WYNDHAM CLARK: On putting, no. I worked with a guy, his name is Stephen. He works out here with a few guys. He was the one that helped me with the putting. Boyd is my swing coach so we did a lot of swing stuff, but I tried a new putting coach. I haven't tried a putting coach in I can't even tell you how much years. Multiple years. I needed a tune up and that really helped.

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?

WYNDHAM CLARK: I played really good. Early on was kind of a struggle. Caught a flier on 3 that resulted in a bogey, and then had a couple putts slide right in front of the cup.

Really what jump started the round was I made a great par on 8. Got a bad lie in the bunker and ended making about a 10-, 12-footer for par. That led to an eagle on 9, which jump started me, and played really solid from then on.

Q. It's weird how sometimes a par save can ignite a round.

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, I mean, my caddie and I, John, we talk about it all the time. There are two to three putts a round that are very critical round savers either to jump start you or keep the round going.

That was one where I had been playing good. I was even par going into 8. But making a bogey there kind of put me behind the eight ball and potentially could have pressed, but making that gave me a sigh of relief and then we ended up playing great from then on out.

Q. Did a little work earlier this week you said with a new putting coach. Just talk about some of the stuff you guys worked on and it's paying off very well this week.

WYNDHAM CLARK: One thing is I switched to a putter that I've putted well in the past, and it finally kind of -- I'm really particular with my putters, so this one looks really good to me.

I felt good starting week before I worked with him. And then Stephen and I, we worked on some setup stuff. One thing he told me, we used some technology, I mean, I really stroke it well and start it on my line.

Prior to this week I been struggling with thinking it was my stroke, speed, aim, all this stuff. So what was nice is we kind of checked some things off the list, which was I aim it right and I start it on line almost every time.

So then it was like, All right, we just need to t dial manage the speed and dial in our reads. So this kind of eliminated some doubt, and I've kind of found a groove on the greens this week.

Q. You've had some chances on Sundays in the first couple years on tour. Searching for the first PGA TOUR win. What can you take from those experiences and use them tomorrow?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, you know, I just -- in those I just kind of got ahead of myself or I got a little quick. Not necessarily swing-wise because I do have a faster swing, but more mentally and just with my thoughts and thinking ahead or thinking behind.

I've learned to try to stay a little more present and a little more clear out there and not so -- you know, not so many rushing thoughts. Hopefully tomorrow I have a clear mind and I'm patient.

Today I didn't start off great and I was really patient and struck fire on the back side, so hopefully tomorrow I still have the game I had early in this week. If I stay patient I think I have a chance.

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