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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Brian Harman

Quick Quotes

Q. Brian, how would you assess your play today?

BRIAN HARMAN: You know, hung in there. We definitely had the tougher conditions. Wind picked up kind of right around middle of our ou front nine. I knew it was going to do that. Proud of the way I hung in there on the back nine.

Got a couple bad breaks, but going to try and go out gunslinging tomorrow.

Q. That's what I was going to ask you, your mentality tomorrow, it's a packed leaderboard. What's the biggest key tomorrow?

BRIAN HARMAN: Hopefully just to get off to a good start. You know, good warmup, swinging well, and just trying to make a bunch of putts.

Q. Brian, you made the three birdies in a row and I thought you were going to take off, and you struggled to get anything going the rest of the round on the back nine.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was just kind of that sort of a day. Got a couple odd breaks. 15 I hit a great tee ball. Lands couple feet right in front of the green and rolls all the way down to a spot that I had trouble hitting the green from.

15 -- or 16 I thought I had a great wedge shot.

17 hit a good putt. I hit some good shots on the front nine. Just today I had some weird breaks. Wind swirled on 11; ball comes back front of the green, made bogey.

I'm just ready to get after it tomorrow. I'm swinging it good. Hit some good shots, make a few putts, and see what happens.

Q. How much did the wind affect play on the inward nine?

BRIAN HARMAN: It's a big deal, man, especially here, because your landing area coming into the greens are so small. And I knew the wind was going to start today, and when it started it just couldn't quite figure out which direction it wanted to come from. Started from the south and moved to the southeast and then to the south-southwest.

It was tough, man. There is just not a lot of places -- the scores are low, but there are not a lot of places to miss it around these greens. And when the wind gets going, it makes it much more difficult I think.

Q. I saw you climb up to the tee on 7 early, go to your bag and do something. Were you checking scores there, football scores?

BRIAN HARMAN: No, man. I was just making sure everybody was all right.

Q. How about the Dogs today, what did they score? 27 unanswered?

BRIAN HARMAN: 27-nothing in the second half. Beat them up. Love to see it.

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