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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Austin Cook

Quick Quotes

Q. Austin, I thought you took all kinds of momentum with you into it inward nine after the eagle on the Par 5, 9th, and then the wind came up and you thought the golf course played harder; is that correct?

AUSTIN COOK: Yeah, I would agree with that, it played harder. Couple of the greens firmed up pretty fast and just had to adjust and didn't quite do a good enough job. Really I'm happy with how today went. Putts didn't fall like they have the last couple days, but that's what tomorrow is for.

Q. You were well over 100 putts on Friday, so maybe a little regression there. Talk to me about your thoughts going into the final round.

AUSTIN COOK: I'm in a good spot. I'm hitting ball well. Just need to get those putts to fall tomorrow. I like the position that I'm in, two or three groups back from the last tee, or last group. Go out and throw a low one in and see if they can catch me.

Q. How would you assess your play today?

AUSTIN COOK: Overall pretty good. I think it's probably the worst not just score-wise but kind of how I hit the ball and how I putted of the three rounds.

Overall it was a good round, especially with the wind picking up on the back side. In a good spot going into tomorrow.

Q. What's your mentality going into tomorrow?

AUSTIN COOK: Fairways and greens, opportunities, because these greens really get choppy the last couple groups. You never know what can happen, but if you give yourself lots of opportunities, the ball is going to go in the hole.

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