Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Adam Schenk

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free 7-under, 64. Excellent start. Get some comments on your round.

ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, thank you. I just really putted nice today, I kept it in play which, fairly open golf course, but there's definitely holes you have to hit it pretty straight on. So I did that, got up-and-down a few times and like you said clean scorecard. So I could have easily had a couple bogeys today, just made some nice par putts rolled in some nice birdie putts so there's a lot of reachable par-5s out here and a drivable par-4 so it's going to be some low scores today for sure.

Q. Seemed like excellent conditions as well weather-wise?

ADAM SCHENK: Perfect conditions.

Q. Talk about your goals for this season, if you can for us, please.

ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, I got came close to winning a couple times last year I was in the final group with or not the final group but I played with Lucas Glover on Sunday when he won. I was in the last group on Sunday at the Barracuda Championship, didn't close either of them out, but I got close, I got a taste and started to play a little bit better end of last season. So just figured out something with my putting I think and kept that going today. So hopefully I can putt like that the next three days would be awesome. But it comes and it goes, so I had all the breaks today go my way and I didn't have any lipouts, had a couple lip-ins, so that can add up to three or four shots. So just had everything going my way today and added up to 7-under.

Q. What's the mindset when you see you have the first tee time, that early alarm clock going off?

ADAM SCHENK: Going to have to get up early and think about the afternoon nap a lot. But when it's that early it's not even light outside I don't take as much time to warm up, I probably take 25, 30 minutes. So it's not quite as early for me as it is for some other players. But it a little tough warming up in the dark, but everyone's doing it, they have got spot lights and with the sky this morning you could really actually see the ball throughout the entirety of the shot, so it wasn't terrible warming up in the dark.

Q. And then after a good round do you go and take that nap or go work on something or just satisfied with the day?

ADAM SCHENK: I'm going probably hit a few balls, but I'm going to go nap.

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