Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Viktor Hovland

Quick Quotes

Q. Give us a summation of your round?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Obviously a great start. Hit the ball awesome and just kind of didn't make many mistakes. But then yeah, kind of the first bogey on the 14th hole, the par-3, I hit a great shot, just one-bounced over the green and that was kind of a momentum killer. But I thought I bounced back pretty well and played really well the rest of the round, but then didn't really make anything and toward the end I started making some putts and then again just a momentum killer on number 8 with the double bogey there and 3-putt on the last. So I felt like I played way better.

Q. Do you have any ideas of what you're going to try to go after this year, this season?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I don't like to set specific results, goals, I think the stats are a really good indicator of what I'm doing. You can play great and not win tournaments, so I think, for me, it's just I need to keep doing what I am doing, because I'm playing really, really well, but I need to just get a little sharper on and around the greens, which I feel like I'm already showing promises there. But sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. But I feel like if I just keep working on what I'm doing over the course of a year, if we could just get a little bit better there that's going to be huge.

Q. Light-hearted question. On the telecast they said either Viktor's working out or he's wearing smaller shirts. Any type of workout program? Just to make sure.

VIKTOR HOVLAND: The JL, I call it they have the auto-jack shirt, they just fit around the arms so they look huge, even though they're really small. But, no, I have been working out a little bit, but, yeah (laughing).

Q. You're two weeks removed from the Ryder Cup, almost two weeks, does it still sting or what is your reaction, what did you get out of that week?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Well, first of all, just some great memories, just being around my teammates. Growing up I basically watched half of that team and all the vice captains and Padraig as the captain, play in the Ryder Cup and, I mean, just being on that team I'm surrounded by legends of European golf the last 20, 25 years. So that's, that was just incredible. But as far as my golf game, I was able to hit some really nice shots under the biggest pressure I've ever had and I take a lot of comfort knowing that I can perform at that level and it should be a walk in the park out here. Obviously golf is still hard, but just for me to just trust what I'm doing instead of playing with fear, just step up and commit to the shot, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but I'm not worrying about the result.

Q. Did it take a long time, does it take a time to get over it, the loss, or is it there or does it get easier with each passing day?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: I honestly don't think the loss was -- it went over pretty quickly because it wasn't, obviously it wasn't that close. If it came down to one putt that I missed on the last hole or something, that would have been tough to get over, but we got beat just by the better team and that's how it goes sometimes. I just obviously it sucked, but I try to learn from kind of everything that happens and try to turn it into something positive.

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