Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Sung Kang

Quick Quotes

Q. 10-under par 61. What a round of golf. If we can get some comments, please.

SUNG KANG: Yes, so last few weeks I wasn't driving it very good, but my iron play was pretty sharp and my putting was pretty good. So I was just thinking if I can get my driver somewhere in play I could actually score better. And we figured something out on Tuesday and started driving it a lot better and I drove it quite better than last few weeks. So everything just worked out great and then especially making 3 on the last hole definitely helped a lot.

Q. Anything in particular that you did find? What did you find earlier this week?

SUNG KANG: I mean, so we worked on a little bit of swing technique stuff. So I don't normally look at my swing with a video too much, I don't like to do it, but we started looking at it probably a couple weeks ago, so start fixing one thing probably every week. So we had some issues like probably five six issues and we're trying to take one out of play like every week. So we fix a couple things last week and then it's still sometimes not there, so we try to fix something else and it helped out. I was extending too much on the back swing, so I try to get my belly just more flexed and then down pointing more onto the ground and that just helped me hit it a little further and straighter.

Q. Take us through the eagle on No. 9 if you can.

SUNG KANG: Yeah, I mean, I didn't hit my drive good and I was in the bunker and then ball was a little below my feet and then I carry a 7-wood, which is big advantage, so my caddie told me 7-wood was perfect club, tried to hit a little bit of draw and hit it clean, landed in a perfect spot and rolled up about 15 feet. And then Matt Kuchar was behind me and chipped really nicely and I saw the ball trickle a little to the left at the end, so we had some idea that it was going to go a little left at the end. So as soon as I putted on the last hole I said it's got to be coming in probably six feet short of the hole and when I putt is six feet short of the hole it was just outside of the right edge and I knew it was going to go, so I walked it in.

Q. You mentioned earlier that it was the putt on 8 that was really important as well.

SUNG KANG: Yes, I always think the momentum is really important. So, I mean, 8, I hit it about 10 feet for par and made it and that definitely helped. I would have probably been about finishing 7-under par, so now I'm finishing 10-under par so it that's a three-stroke difference.

Q. What do you do after a round like that? Will you go to the range for anything or take the rest of the day off?

SUNG KANG: I'm going pretty late, so I'll probably just do my routine thing, check my setup, basic things, putt a little bit and take a nap and get some rest.

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