Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Chad Ramey

Quick Quotes

Q. 63 on the day, nice 29 on the back. Just some comments on the round.

CHAD RAMEY: I just kind of had to stay pretty patient out there. The front side wasn't much different than that back side, I just had one good break on a wayward tee shot and I kind of rolled some putts in on the back side.

Q. Anything about the back nine sight-wise that fit you better than the front?

CHAD RAMEY: Honestly, no. I mean, there's always a few holes that kind of fit your eye here or there, but I was -- most of the time I just try and pick a real precise target and kind of zone out of everything else and just focus in on that target. So probably no, not really, it was all pretty I guess equal on both sides.

Q. You get on a run of five birdies in a row like that, what's your mindset when you're going through each of those?

CHAD RAMEY: I'm just, honestly, don't let off the gas. Everybody out here obviously can play and take it deep and when you get a little bit of momentum on your side just don't be scared and keep your foot on the gas.

Q. What's it been like so far your first three events here or two events?

CHAD RAMEY: It's been good. I haven't played the caliber of golf that I would like to, but like today I got a nice round under my belt and just keep the momentum going.

Q. Outside of the golf, just with like the logistics and dealing with things you have on practice round days or when you get to a tournament, what's it, how has it been a little bit different for you?

CHAD RAMEY: It's been different, there's way more people here, there's a lot more things going on. You have a few more obligations, but I'm just trying to kind of do the best I can with it, stick to my game plan and that's all I can really do.

Q. A lot of people, a lot of players sort of tinker with their swing in the off-season, make some changes. You're sort of the opposite approach.

CHAD RAMEY: Right, yeah. So, like coming, leading, coming off the Korn Ferry TOUR that was kind of my big key that I was trying to focus on a lot is I'm obviously doing something right because it's gotten me to where I am now and just don't change a thing. The golf courses are going to change and the cities are going to change, but good golf's still good golf.

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