Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Matt Jones

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free 64. If we can get some comments on a good start.

MATT JONES: Yeah, first time back at golf since the BMW so it was a nice way to start. I had a nice long I think four or five weeks off, so it was, I always enjoy having a break. So to come back out here to Vegas where the course is gettable and you can have some birdies, it was nice.

Q. Just compare how were the conditions this afternoon?


Q. Well we talked to the morning guys. So how was it for you guys?

MATT JONES: It was nice. There was a little breeze for like a couple of holes but it was nothing bad at all. I enjoy when there's a bit of breeze to work the ball with or against. I find it a little tougher when it's calm, like dead still. So I enjoy having a breeze up.

Q. Had a break, you said. Did you put the clubs away or what did you do?

MATT JONES: I put the clubs away for a long time. I think they were in my travel case for about three weeks. So just to rest the body, rest the head mainly, and had some family time, went on a couple trips and had a good time.

Q. Where did you go?

MATT JONES: We went to up and down Taminta and Cabo. We enjoy Mexico and we enjoy margaritas and tacos, so we had a good time.

Q. How nice is it first time out in competition that long and come out and shoot a 64 like that?

MATT JONES: It was very nice. It wasn't expected. I'll tell you that the little amount of work I've done for the last five weeks, I was expecting a little more rust, but to go bogey-free was probably more of a goal than shooting 64, just to not make silly mistakes when you haven't played golf for awhile.

Q. Have you ever had a situation like you had on 8 with knocking it in the hole and it comes out?

MATT JONES: I couldn't tell if it went in. I don't know what happened. I saw it took a big chunk out of the hole. I don't know if it went down or whatever, but it was actually a lucky break because if it didn't do that it probably would have just gone off the green, I probably would have had twice along a putt.

Q. What might you be looking to improve on for tomorrow?

MATT JONES: I did everything pretty well today. Just try and continue on what I was doing and have the same feels I had in the golf swing.

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