Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 8, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Harry Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. Why don't you take us through the first two days, just as far as your game and as far as your emotions playing out here.

HARRY HALL: Emotions. Very happy to be in the field, got most of my family watching and friends too, and it's very comfortable to play on TPC Summerlin, a golf course I played so much on.

So, yeah, the first two days I'm 11-under through two rounds which is pretty common for me out here in a normal week. I've hit some great shots and looking forward to hitting some more on the weekend.

Q. You said family. Did your parents make it over from England?

HARRY HALL: My mum made it over. I haven't seen anyone else yet. But at the moment I'm planning on going home next week, but maybe I won't. Don't know yet.

Q. You made the bomb yesterday as the sun was going down on 9. Did that give you good vibes coming into today?

HARRY HALL: It wouldn't have changed my attitude towards today, but it was nice to finish with a, I don't know how long the putt was, 60 feet or 55 --

Q. 58 is what I saw.

HARRY HALL: 58. Well, that was nice. You don't expect to hole many of those. You're just trying to get it close. But that one went in, so that was good.

Q. Through your years here at UNLV and just practicing, how many times do you think you've played out here?

HARRY HALL: Well, I didn't play TPC Summerlin a lot when I was at UNLV. But since being a professional and having PGA TOUR status, I've been out here quite regularly, kind of treat it as my office and get most of my work done here and then play other courses in town.

TPC summer Lynn's a great track and I know the course pretty well. I probably played it over a hundred times, so...

Q. So just looking at the week, the first two days you got to play kind of at the back of the pack with, not necessarily in obscurity, but you're kind of there in one of the last groups. Going into the weekend now you're going to be with all the leaders. Does that change anything for you?

HARRY HALL: Not really, no, just play how I've done the last two days and I'm sure I'll be close to being in contention on Sunday afternoon.

Q. How does it feel to look at a scoreboard in a PGA event and see T-2?

HARRY HALL: Pretty cool. That's where I want to be. T-1 would be better, though. But hopefully by Sunday afternoon that will be the case.

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