Shriners Children's Open

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Harry Hall III

Quick Quotes

Q. (No microphone.)

HARRY HALL: So a lot of the times you're playing away from pins or making sure that you didn't miss it in the worse spots and when you make sure you do that, then most of the time you're going to make a sensible par. That's probably what a lot of people did on the front nine.

Then the back nine just with 10 being downwind a little bit and then 13 and 16 and 15, just birdieable holes, the back nine is probably got a little bit less of a stroke average than the front.

Q. Did it give you a little comfort, you weren't making a move, but you could see no one else was either, you weren't --

HARRY HALL: I didn't see at that point, no. I was comfortable being 1-under, I thought that was pretty solid score on the front. And then to be 1-over through 12 I knew I had to have a few birdies coming in, just to keep myself in the hunt. I didn't know what the leaders were at, but coming to 16 I obviously got a come back and I was right there.

Q. Then the shot on 18 that nearly jarred it, it looked like. What did you hit there?

HARRY HALL: I had 132 to the pin and I hit like a 144 shot into the wind and pretty perfect. It landed a foot away and stayed a foot away.

Q. Pretty nice to have a tap-in at the end.

HARRY HALL: That was nice.

Q. What's the plan tomorrow? Just more of the same?

HARRY HALL: Yeah, get some rest tonight and get a quick dinner and come out tomorrow and maybe be a little bit more aggressive, depends on what the conditions are like and what the scores are, but to be in the hunt with nine to play tomorrow would be very nice.

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