Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Sungjae Im

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Q. Incredible round today. We'll get into it in a moment. But as we were just saying this is your second PGA TOUR victory. How special does this feel a year on from your last?

SUNGJAE IM: It was very tough to get my first win but I felt like the second one was harder and harder, but I kept my patience. I tried to stay composed throughout the period and I'm glad it came.

Q. You didn't make it look too hard out there today. You really put your foot on the accelerator around the turn. What happened out there for you mentally at the start of that or during it?

SUNGJAE IM: Well, the big difference between yesterday and today was that today there was no wind compared to round 3, and that made it easier. But, again, tee to Green, driver, irons, putting game was, it worked as I wanted to and it gave me a good result.

Q. One person that will be very happy with this win is your new caddie on the bag this week, as well as some other changes that you made, new trainer, as well as getting a house in Atlanta, something that was widely documented, that you didn't have a base. You were traveling from week-to-week, so fair to say some changes since your last win. How much of a different golfer do you feel now picking up the second PGA TOUR title?

SUNGJAE IM: Well my caddie Billy, we started a couple weeks prior to the Olympic games and he's been a very good help to me, we've been a very good team working together, communicating. My trainer Andrew we started on the Phoenix week, but as I got to my second and third year on TOUR I felt the importance of conditioning and keeping myself stronger and healthy, so we've been working really hard and I'm glad it all turned out well. Buying a house in Atlanta, obviously hotel to hotel was not easy but having somewhere to settle down, to have my house and Atlanta is great to commute, huge airport, a lot of flights to everywhere, so it all came together very well.

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