Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Matthew Wolff

Quick Quotes

Q. Mathew, runner-up finish this week, really good week. If we can get some comments, please.

MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, I was just really happy with how the week turned out. Sungjae played unbelievable the last day. And this game is, like, when I'm in the lead or contention someone just seems to go off the last day on me.

But if I keep on putting myself in these positions I know that eventually it's going to be in my favor and I'm going to win. But really like the way my game's trending, especially from the beginning -- or the end of last year. If you would have told me I would be in this position right now I would be really happy.

So I'm just in a really good spot and happy with where my game is at and my head's at.

Q. Were you at all surprised to look up and see Sungjae going deep at 24-under at the time?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I mean, like I said, it's happened a few times to me before, so I guess I wouldn't say that I was surprised, but he was taking it really deep. And I felt like I was playing really solid and I got a bunch of really bad breaks on that back nine, though, it seems like. I just said things don't really go my way on the final day, but I know if I keep on putting myself in this position eventually I'll win.

Q. It seems like you had two misses off the tee at 10 and 13 that cost you. What happened on 10 and what was the lie like on 13?

MATTHEW WOLFF: Well, on 10 I just, I've been having trouble with my 3-iron all week. My only over par holes of the entire week were actually, other than 13, the two bogeys and the triple on 3 were all my 3-iron. They were all just hitting it right off the tee. So I really wish I could have had those back, but it's the name of the game. And then 13, I just, I really, I've never seen a break like that. I hit a good drive and I thought I could carry that bunker like I've been all week, but unfortunately, it just went in the lip. But, I mean, with a 3-wood you think it would just roll down to the middle of the bunker and then you would hit something into the fairway and then have a good look at birdie. For my ball to, someone left the rake at the top of the bunker and it left an indentation and my ball stuck in that indentation.

So like I said, just a lot of things that doesn't really go my way on the final day. I'm really happy with how the week was and super confident in my game.

Q. Last thing. How does this week, how excited are you now for next week based on this week's performance?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I'm not playing next week, so. No, I'm not in. So I think I'm on the bubble. But I had my schedule picked out before I came here. I'm playing this, or I played last week, this week, and then have I two weeks off, and I'm playing Mayakoba and Houston.

So I'm looking forward to some downtime, some rest, to sharpen up a few things in my game. But overall I'm just going to keep working hard and really excited for the rest of the year.

Q. All positives from this week, I would assume. But how do you process being 43-under par over two years and not having a trophy?

MATTHEW WOLFF: It's golf. Sungjae played unbelievable. I feel like, I really like this place. I play really solid here and I definitely gave it all I had. It's unfortunate that I couldn't get a win, but I really like this place and I really like where my game is and I know if I keep on putting myself in this position I'll be good in the future.

Q. When he went on that run mid-round did you feel like you pressed at all or you just, that's when the bad breaks came?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I feel like that's kind of when the bad breaks came. I didn't feel like I was really trying to press. If I was trying to press I probably would have taken driver off 13 or did a couple other things, but I stuck to my game plan which I was really happy about and like I said the breaks just really didn't go my way, so it's unfortunate and like I said, it seems to be that when I'm in this position people seem to turn it on and blow everyone out, but at the end of the day that's golf and just got to learn from it.

Q. We didn't jinx you you're still 12 for 12 in the 60s here?

MATTHEW WOLFF: Perfect. Thanks.

Q. How different of a player and a person are you from the math wolf that finished second here last year?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I think completely different. I was definitely a really good player back then, came off of a second at Winged Foot at the U.S. Open and then finished second here. So obviously I know I had the game, I think just, maturity-wise and mentally, I'm just a much stronger and more, all around, just a more complete person. I'm able to put things in perspective more when stuff isn't going my way, I'm able to bounce back. And like I said, those bad breaks on the back nine definitely cost me a few strokes, but I was able to birdie 15 and 16, even after not hitting the best drives and in the past those were times when I would kind of fall off and not really finish strong and I'm glad I was able to close it out nicely and Sungjae played really well, I was really happy with a second place finish and happy with my game all week so I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.

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