Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Harry Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. Great week. What's just your general overall feeling about the whole week?

HARRY HALL: If you give me a T-8 at the start of the week I would have taken it. At this point with my weekend without my best stuff and felt like I could have produced some better numbers out there today.

Q. Yeah. If I would have talked to you on Wednesday and said 17-under, would you have said, I'm glad to have that and I'll go home?

HARRY HALL: No, because the conditions you never know what they're going to be like and 17-under might have been T-30 or T-25 or something like that.

Q. But it is top-10, which means you're getting into Bermuda, correct?

HARRY HALL: Correct.

Q. And you're planning to play, I would think?

HARRY HALL: Yeah, I'll be there.

Q. Does this week give you confidence that even though you didn't get your card this year that you're capable of playing with anybody?

HARRY HALL: Yes, it's given me a lot of confidence and I'm happy with the way I'm trending, just through my game and through my career at the moment. And it's my first year as a professional, really, or second now, and hopefully I have many more to come.

Q. How did it feel on 18 hearing everyone in the bleachers yelling your name and having the support of the local people?

HARRY HALL: Very nice. I can't wait to be back next year hopefully.

Q. You've had five minutes to reflect, so what's the first thing that comes to your mind about this week for you?

HARRY HALL: I'm still caught up in how I've just finished, and I shot 3-under today, but I felt like I could have produced some better golf this weekend for sure and given myself a better finish. But it looks like I probably wouldn't have won anyway. Sungjae is 24-under, I think, and shooting the lights out today and hopefully I can do that soon.

Q. Have you let your mind wander about trying to get top-10 for next week, and if, so what does it mean to you about getting in in a couple weeks in Bermuda?

HARRY HALL: It's just another tournament, at the end of the day. I'm pretty confident that I'll be on the PGA TOUR, whether it's through this or through the Korn Ferry next year, and no matter what, I'll continue to get better and find success in the little things that I do on a day-to-day basis and hopefully that will, I'll look back in 30 years, and hopefully this will be a little bit insignificant.

Q. And you talked about you left a few strokes out there. What's the first thing that comes to your mind about what you'll do to kind of, maybe not fix those things, but what were some of those moments and how will you improve off those?

HARRY HALL: I hit an amazing 5-iron out of the 9th bunker onto the green and I thought I could produce the same thing on 13, but I left it in the bunker.

So off the tee, if I could have just drove it a little bit better on the back nine today I might have prevented a couple of strokes, which works out to a lot of points. But, yeah, I'll reflect and figure out what to do better next time.

Q. Just talk about Las Vegas in general, what UNLV, what Las Vegas means to you and your journey to this point.

HARRY HALL: Las Vegas is very close to my heart now, and I've spent six years here and don't plan on leaving anytime soon and can't wait to play in front of this crowd for many years to come. Very grateful for the exemption they gave me and I know a lot of people in town were rooting to have me in the field, which means the world.

And UNLV golf was fantastic. I met so many great people and they have all been around this week. And MGM Resorts and Spanish Trails and Finley Chevy, everybody that supports me in town, Nevada State Bank, I wouldn't be here top 10 without them and I wouldn't be in the field, so yeah, Vegas means the world and I look forward to producing some, lots of wins, lots of trophies along with the Knights and the Raiders for many years to come.

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