Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Sungjae Im

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome the winner of the 2021 Shriners Children's Open, Sungjae Im.

Very impressive performance picking up your second PGA TOUR win in your 100 the career start on TOUR. If we could just get an opening comment from you of what it means to be the champion this year.

SUNGJAE IM: Very meaningful win. I know I won my first win on my 50th start, and to win my second PGA TOUR win on my 100th start, that in itself is a pretty amazing stat. It was hard coming, but I think today how everything went I think it was a gift from above. I played so well and I'm glad I got the win.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take some questions.

Q. When did you know that everything was working?

SUNGJAE IM: I think it was the 10th hole. I put it in the fairway bunker and the line was not great with the lip in front, but I got it up on the green and to make that putt for a birdie, I think that kind of gave me great confidence that I can get this done.

Q. I know I asked you a similar question on Thursday, but what's it like to make five birdies in a row out here?

SUNGJAE IM: To be honest with you, I didn't even know that I birdied five holes in a row. I was just constantly focused each and every single hole to get through it without a mistake. And so it's incredible that I made five in a row.

Q. When you're this hot, are you going to the casinos tonight?

SUNGJAE IM: (Laughing.) I'll have to swing by to see what it's like, but I have no plans to go to a casino.

Q. At what point when you saw a leaderboard on the back nine, were you surprised that no one else was keeping up with you or that your lead was that large when you finished the 13th hole?

SUNGJAE IM: I saw the scoreboard for the first time on the 14th hole and when I saw that I was leading by five I said to myself that, Let's not make a mistake and I can get this done.

Q. Lastly, I'm curious, A, how much the pandemic slowed you down, since you won right before golf was shut down for awhile; and secondly, he mentioned trying to stay composed while trying to get that second win. Was there ever a time that you were kind of pressing a little bit or getting frustrated that that second win wasn't coming?

SUNGJAE IM: You're right. I was on a really good roll and I was feeling great about my game after the Honda win and I played well in the Arnold Palmer as well the week following it.

But it is unfortunate. It's something that I couldn't control. But after the pandemic, when golf was resumed, I really tried to find that rhythm again and there were times that was not easy. But, again, try to stay composed and believe in my game.

Q. Since you're already in Vegas, at what point do you start thinking about the CJ Cup or do you take time here for the next day or two to celebrate this win or does the focus turn tomorrow to that?

SUNGJAE IM: Yes, well, I want to celebrate today's win, so tonight and probably tomorrow I want to take a break. But starting Tuesday morning I want to prepare for the CJ Cup. And most importantly I'm sponsored by CJ, so it's an important tournament to me and I want to play well, so I want to get ready Tuesday.

Q. As far as CJ Cup, do you know anything about the Summit Club? Have you ever played it before?

SUNGJAE IM: So absolutely first time playing the Summit, so I look forward to it.

Q. I wanted to ask you, I think the last 10, 12 months you've played some good golf, but I think maybe some of your third rounds have not been as good as you wanted to, which took you out of contention. I just wanted to know, what have you learned from those experiences and how did you maybe apply this week from those challenges here?

SUNGJAE IM: So you're right. Obviously when I'm playing well I feel great, but when I have a bad round I feel down easily. I think I've done that the last 10, 12 months that you mentioned.

But it's a repetition every week and I learn from each week, and from that experience, I'm learning to control my emotions and everything on the course to stay composed, and I think this week it all paid off.

Q. Trevor Immelman said during the broadcast that you can become one of the best players in the world. Just wanted your reaction to a comment like that. When you hear that, I mean, how do you react to it? Do you feel like you can become the best player in the world?

SUNGJAE IM: Personally I feel that I'm still far away from being the greatest. But that type of comment from my international team captain, Captain Immelman, is very appreciative.

And the Presidents Cup is coming up and I want to be on the team and hopefully contribute to the team. So thank you, Trevor.

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