Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Tano Goya

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Q. Tano, great playing, but before we get to that, obviously a weird start to the day. If you could just walk us through from the time you woke up this morning to, I guess, the time you hit your first tee shot.

TANO GOYA: It was weird because I had the feeling that I was going to get in somehow. Obviously yesterday I heard that Matt Kuchar was struggling with his knee, so I was like maybe I have a chance. He was playing in the afternoon, but I have to be here early.

I get here at like 5:30 in the morning. I didn't hear anything, so I was like, okay, I'm going to take my time. I went to the track to have warmup, so I was taking my time there.

All of a sudden, my caddie called me saying like Peter Malnati was like ten minutes ago and couldn't see him. I said, I saw him in the gym. I saw him in the track. So I was like he's here. I'm not sure, maybe that's wrong information or something.

Then all of a sudden, I was like just in case, I'm going to get ready. So I put my clothes on, and they called me saying, you're up in two minutes. So I didn't have time to have breakfast, didn't have time to put my shoes on. I hit the first tee shot with my trainers. It was funny, no practice at all or anything.

So to be honest, I was just happy to be there, happy to play. Played with Austin and Zac. They were great to play with also. So that makes it also great.

After that, for me, the round today was great. Shooting 3-under after what happened today is a bonus.

Q. So when did you change your shoes? You said you hit the first shot with your tennis shoes on.

TANO GOYA: So I asked one of the rules officials if they could get my shoes. It's not the right shoes. I have black ones as well, but they were inside my bag. I said just grab whatever you see in the locker, and he grabbed my shoes. I changed them in the middle of the 10th fairway.

Q. Like you said, great playing, and you were just happy to be out there. Was it a -- freed you up mentally to play so well?

TANO GOYA: I thought -- I was confident that I was going to get in. So I did a great preparation Tuesday and Wednesday, and I felt good about my game. So I hit it pretty good today.

Only one mistake that I hit it into the desert on, I think No. 2 or 3. Other than that, I played pretty consistent, pretty solid.

Yeah, I took advantage of the par-5s, which is good here.

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