Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Si Woo Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. Si Woo, 7-under, excellent start. If we can get some comments on your play.

SI WOO KIM: It was everything feeling great this morning, and then was too early, but green conditions was great, like play early always. So I think that helps for putting first few holes, and then a couple makes and getting more like easier and then feeling more comfortable. I think that helps.

Like back nine everything was feeling great. Then driver and irons, putting was good.

Q. You and Tom and Max were a collective 17-under, really good group. How much did that help?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, always need momentum when we're playing with whole groups, like when whole groups starting like -- when start the groups little bit harder, whole day is not momentum much.

This whole day we started great and momentum each other. And we were playing a couple weeks ago too. So we know, yeah, we play so much comfortable. Yeah, both me and Tom always like to play together.

Q. Was the Presidents Cup the first time -- is it Manuel, Camilo's brother, on your bag now?


Q. Can you tell me about that and why you made that choice?

SI WOO KIM: It was a little bit of hard time like last few events for me. So I had to like something change and I have to try something new otherwise. That's why I talked to Manny before the Presidents Cup, and we're trying to go together.

Yeah, it was great week. Like first week at Presidents Cup it was a little bit weird, but he definitely helped me and this week as well. I think we're a good combination. So I hope we can go through well.

Q. Was it a recommendation from Camilo to get his brother?

SI WOO KIM: No, first time, I think Manny texted me, and I was thinking about it, and then we both like right time. Yeah, it worked.

Q. So speaking of Presidents Cup, was there any talk about the Presidents Cup out there with Max and Tom and you guys?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, we're still like -- we still have good memories there. We still talk about the Presidents Cup, like some holes. Then I finish the hole, and Tom came over on 18 and I said, if you make that one, I got to ask you to go throw the hat like the last hole Saturday, yeah.

Q. Did you feel like there's so much attention on Tom these days and on Max, because he's one of the hottest players in the game. Do you feel like you kind of snuck up on both of them and outplayed them today?

SI WOO KIM: No, nothing much. I always like to play Max. He's such a nice guy and a great player. I always learn from him something. Tom Kim as well, and we're good friends. We always hang out together.

It was nothing feel like that. Just more comfortable to play with them, yeah.

Q. This is your first event since the Presidents Cup, right?


Q. What do you have to do to kind of reset for tournament golf? Are there things you think about?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I was not much confidence before Presidents Cup because I didn't finish well like at the end. Yeah, I think that I had great confidence from the Presidents Cup, and then like everything feels comfortable and so much tension and so much pressure on the Presidents Cup week.

So now like too much calm and nothing much pressure on it. So I try to keep more focused and like positive.

Q. What do you think of the golf course today? Were the greens what you thought they would be speed-wise?

SI WOO KIM: Speed was okay, and then like the end of the last five holes a little bit of like firmer and getting a little bit firmer and a little bit of spike marks, but that's not an issue.

Yeah, it was great golf conditions.

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