Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Thomas Detry

Quick Quotes

Q. Thomas, 65 today, excellent start. If we can get some comments on your round.

THOMAS DETRY: Got off to a great start. Left it where I left it off last week. I got off to two solid starts on the PGA TOUR the last two tournaments. My game is very confident.

I'm hitting a lot of fairways although I've had a new driver in the bag, which helps. Again, lots of Bermuda out here. So if you start hitting it in the rough, you've got no control. So lots of fairways out there. I made a couple of good putts.

That's it. I'm really pleased with the way I'm playing.

Q. Take us through that stretch there on the front, four birdies in five holes.

THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, I keep giving myself chances. Yes, gave myself some great chances. On the first few holes didn't make any. Then made a nice putt left-to-right downhill on the par-3 6, I believe, or the 5th.

From there on, hit it close, made a couple of good putts, and took advantage of the par-5s today. That was key.

Q. First time at this tournament and this course. They made some changes to the course. Just talk a little bit about the conditions.

THOMAS DETRY: I've been here a couple of times actually with Coach Small and the University of Illinois, we used to come here and play, practice here during the winter. I actually remember the course pretty well, so that always helps.

I wasn't aware that they obviously did a change, new grass everywhere. You can see it somewhere the grass isn't as tight anymore, but the course is in unbelievable shape. The greens are rolling beautifully, and the fairways are just pure. So it's a lot of fun to play out here.

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