Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Patrick Rodgers

Quick Quotes

Q. Patrick, another good round for you today, 3-under 68. If we could get an opening comment on the round.

PATRICK RODGERS: Yes. I was proud of the way I stayed patient out there. Obviously quick turnaround, an early tee time. First bit of daylight we got was our first tee shot.

It was beautiful out there this morning. Didn't get off to the best of starts but hung in there and knew I had a lot of chances coming down the stretch and was able to take advantage of them to stay in the tournament.

Q. There's so much talk about birdies and eagles out here. When you have a bogey or a double, does it really feel like, oh, my God, this is like disaster?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, you try not to go there in your head, but obviously we know this is a week where scores are going to be good. It always is. I'm pleased to see there's a little bit of firmness in the greens, which is nice. So there's still some opportunities to kind of get caught up out there.

Yeah, I try to just start each hole like I would if I made a birdie or whatever. Just proud of the way that I didn't let that little hiccup affect my round today.

Q. They redid all the grass and everything when they closed down. Have you noticed, is the course playing differently? Does it feel different?

PATRICK RODGERS: First of all, it's beautiful surfaces. It's incredibly lush. We're really fortunate to play on surfaces like this. It's really nice. I know it's not easy to have such a quick turnaround to regrass the whole golf course.

I've noticed maybe just a little bit more firmness in the greens and some of the green surrounds, but like I said, we're really fortunate to play on these surfaces. There's still a lot of good scores there for the taking.

Q. Are you a Vegas strip guy? Do you like going down and playing some of the games when you're here?

PATRICK RODGERS: I'm not, especially during a work week. I understand those casinos were built for a reason, and I don't like playing losing games. I'll trust myself on the golf course.

Q. Patrick, you've played here quite a few times, and the scores are always really low. But it seems like the conditions are perfect this week, but they're not ridiculously low. What's the explanation for that, do you think?

PATRICK RODGERS: There's a few tricky pins out there. I think the greens have been expanded a little bit, maybe a few new hole locations. I've definitely never seen a flag 51 on on the 18th hole, so that was a new one.

There's some that are just on the downslopes of little ridges. It's hard to really get it rolling. Obviously, the conditions are nice, but a big miss is pretty costly. You're going to end up somewhere in the desert or somewhere tricky.

Despite the low scoring, you've got to be pretty focused out there for 18 holes.

Q. Is it still the expectation you're going to need to get to at least 20 if you want to be in the hunt?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, for sure. I have a lot of work cut out for me this weekend, and I'm just happy that I hung in there after the double to stay in the tournament.

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