Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Patrick Cantlay

Quick Quotes

Q. Patrick, one off the lead. That obviously could change. How's your game? How's the course looking after two days?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I'm sure it will change. I'm sure I'll be a handful behind going into tomorrow, but this golf course yields a lot of birdies. I'll come out firing tomorrow.

Q. Have you played this course a lot?

PATRICK CANTLAY: This is maybe my fourth or fifth time playing the tournament.

Q. Does it seem a lot different compared to the resod from years past?

PATRICK CANTLAY: It's in a lot worse condition, and you can see that with the scores. The greens haven't quite settled, so you get all sorts of bounces out there. Every green and every little spot is a different firmness. It's hard to predict and hard to get it close because of that, but it's the same way for everybody.

I'll just do my best to hit it as close as I can and make as many birdies as I can.

Q. They keep talking about birdies. When you do get a bogey, is it kind of like freak out time or you just move on to the next?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I don't freak out too often. If you play enough holes, you're going to make bogies. Hopefully just make a bunch more birdies.

Q. You couldn't hit it much better off the tee. You're smashing it. Today a few more of those putts went in. Is that the key for you to make the field up, just get that putter a little hotter?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I think you have to hit it close. Like I said, with the conditions of the greens this week, it's hard to make putts. The greens are not settled. It's very hard to read the greens. Even if you read it correctly, it could bounce offline in a heartbeat.

I think it puts even more of a premium on ball striking around this place. If I could keep driving it the way I am and hit a few more shots closer, I'll be in a good spot.

Q. It seemed to me that you had an amount of sort of burn the edge or lip-outs or whatever. Does it get frustrating seeing that? How do you keep your head on?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I just think you have to take it in a large sample size. I'm only halfway. This is only halftime.

So I could, with how well I'm rolling it, which I feel like I'm rolling it really well, I could make a bunch the next two days. If I can keep playing from the fairway, I can make a bunch of birdies.

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