Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Chad Ramey

Quick Quotes

Q. Chad, great playing. As it stands now, tied for the lead. If we could get an opening comment on your first two rounds.

CHAD RAMEY: Both rounds really solid. Game is starting to click in the right direction. Bogeyed the 1st hole today, but I never really hit a bad shot on the hole. From there, I kept the ball in position and made some putts.

Q. I think you mentioned in another interview your in-laws live here and you played well last year. Good energy this tournament?

CHAD RAMEY: Yeah, a lot of good energy. They feed me well. So just keep it going.

Q. Chad, can you talk about the difference between last year and this year, the course with the resod, how you feel it's playing?

CHAD RAMEY: Honestly, I can't tell that much of a difference. The greens are pretty firm, but they're also like if you are hitting out of the fairway, they're very receptive to your irons. To me, I can't tell a whole lot of difference.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher? Were you aware where you are?

CHAD RAMEY: I was. I caught a peek at the leaderboard like on 16. I'm not much of a leaderboard watcher, but I'm not going to steer clear of them. If I happen to glance up there, I'm okay with it.

Q. Way too early to be looking at it anyway?

CHAD RAMEY: Yeah, it's way too early.

Q. The leaderboard is packed at this point. Do you feel like it takes a little pressure off that you're not being chased, you're just part of the middle of the pack right now? Or are you just happy to be off to a good two days?

CHAD RAMEY: I'm just happy the game is starting to click in the right direction. Obviously I'd love to have a five or six-shot lead right now being chased, but I'm happy to be where I'm at.

Q. For the weekend, anything you've learned over the last two days that you can take into the weekend?

CHAD RAMEY: Just stay patient. I've had good memories from this course, and I played well here in the past. So just stay patient and stay in control.

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