Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Cam Davis

Quick Quotes

Q. Another good round. You've put yourself in a good spot, 10-under on that back nine little stretch there. You must enjoy that part of the course.

CAM DAVIS: Yeah, I've got a lot of holes there that suit my eye pretty well right now. I've got a perfect club in the 15 when the conditions are like this. Getting the ball off the tee on 13 and 16, you've got irons into the green. You want to make the most of those sort of opportunities, and I have so far.

So pretty much my whole score has been built on that little four, five-hole stretch there, but if that's what needs to be done in order to shoot whatever I am through two rounds, 9-under or so, that's doing well.

More of the same over the weekend with a couple more birdies scattered here and there. Should be pretty good.

Q. Confidence is clearly brimming, mate. How much is that from what you just went through at Quail Hollow and all that process?

CAM DAVIS: Everything at Quail Hollow is a positive experience for me. I mean, it's always great to experience playing really good golf under the highest pressure that I've experienced playing this game.

I mean, it was so much fun being in that environment, but to actually have a few stretches there where I played some awesome golf. It's one thing to tell yourself you can do it, but nothing to experience it. It's just a few more memories in the back of my mind whenever I'm trying to hit an important shot that I can do this.

That was just a great experience of dealing with pressure regardless of where your game's at normally. You only experience that when you're playing really good golf and you've worked your way into that position.

When you start on the 1st tee every day at the Presidents Cup and it feels like you're in the last round of a major, which I actually don't know what it feels like being in a final group on the last day, you have to figure out a few strategies to make that work. And yeah, I got a lot of really good stuff out of that.

Game's in a decent place. Not playing super great in terms of how everything feels, but in terms of decision-making and the plan that Andrew and I are putting together around this place, it's been working pretty well so far.

Q. It was definitely a boost for your self-belief. Is that one little piece of the puzzle you could have used an uptick on. From the outside looking in, it looks like you've gone to another level.

CAM DAVIS: It's probably highlighted how much importance is in that area. I think I've been plodding along most of this year, just concentrating on myself. But I think at a certain point you've got to start thinking you put a lot of work in, you've got to start believing you can do it rather than relying heavily on the work you've done and feel like you've got a little bit of an inner boost going.

I'm working on it. I feel like I downplay most of the stuff that I do, so I'm trying to be a little more positive and a little less negative when the bad stuff happens and a little more positive when the good stuff happens. If you can get a good balance of that, I think you're going in a good direction. So I'm good.

Q. Wondering if you could talk us through the eagle, what you hit.

CAM DAVIS: I pretty much just wanted to hit the exact same shot I hit in the first round. Couldn't stop the ball near that front left pin the first day, but it ended up perfectly pin high with where the second round pin was going to be. I just looked at my caddie and said, it's same club, same line, just try and do everything the same.

It's a perfect club, and it landed on the front of the green perfectly and rolled up onto the top tier, which is everything I could have asked for. It was really nice to make a sliding ten-footer for eagle. They always boost your round pretty well.

Q. Actually want to take you back to yesterday, 17, the ball that hung up on the bank there. When you hit that, probably not happy with the shot as it came off the club. Do you look back now and think what a great break that was?

CAM DAVIS: It's always a good break to see your ball not go in the water. It was nice to be able to put my foot somewhere under the surface of the water there. I've been in situations where it hangs up on the edge, and then you've got no stance and you have to chip out sideways, but it worked out okay. I had a decent lie.

Actually the shot I hit in there, I thought was just going to catch a piece of the green. I was hoping as it was in the air. It was doable. You don't practice the ball being that high above your feet very often with the short game stuff, but it was very nice to pull a good shot off there and walk away with par.

Q. Is that the kind of break that, at the end of the week, if you end up winning or you end up in contention, is that when you think about --

CAM DAVIS: You don't look back on moments like that too much, but you need those sort of things to go your way if you want to have a good week. That's maximizing your every round is getting a break here and there as well.

Whether it's a long par-saving putt or bounce off the tree back on the fairway or a ball staying just out of the water instead of it going in, all those things add up. Guys who win each week will have a few situations where things went their way.

That's kind of what it takes out there. Everyone's good, just got to have a couple more breaks go your way and keep playing as well as you can.

Q. Then as the weekend approaches, what have you learned, or what do you need to do to make the front nine as impressive as your back nine has been?

CAM DAVIS: There's less really scorable holes out there. If you're ripping your driver really straight, you can turn some of those par-4s into wedge opportunities, which would be awesome because that definitely makes a lost those holes a lot more doable.

At the same time, where my driving's been right now, I think getting 3-wood in play and leaving it a little longer has made it easier to get pars but a little harder close to the pin.

If my driving is going great and I could use it a few more times, that would be the key. But playing nine holes at 1, 2-under par and going to the back nine and having all those holes ahead of you, that's the beginning of a really good round if you can get through that first stretch pretty freely.

Q. How do you know if the driver's going great if you're not using it on the front nine?

CAM DAVIS: You're using it on the driving range. The driving range, and there might be a couple of holes early where you give it a crack. You've got to take as much from the range as you can for that comfort.

Q. Does your game generally translate how you do on the range to the course?

CAM DAVIS: Sometimes. It's also a warmup, so if it's not going great, you can say, that was a warmup. We'll go out there, and it will be different. You just want to stay positive.

Q. Non-golf question for you here. Are you someone who likes to go down to the strip and see the shows or maybe play some of the games, the table games?

CAM DAVIS: Every year this has been played that I've been here, I've never gone to the strip. I enjoy my sleep too much. I'm not going down there. If I was back here outside of the tournament, I might explore, but this is a work week, and I've got to make sure I keep my head in the game.

I've got a few things I might do here and there, but it won't be on the strip.

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