Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Tom Kim

Si Woo Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. There's four of you from the international team at the top of the leaderboard. Is that a coincidence? What's the reason, do you think?

TOM KIM: I don't think so. A lot of us played really well this week. Obviously Presidents Cup, we fell short. It's just showing how much we're playing well. I think it's really good to see, and it's showing everyone that international golf is growing.

Hopefully by Sunday, we'll all have a shot.

Q. You mentioned over there it's a confidence builder because of how much pressure you're under every day there. Can you just elaborate on that and what you learned from that week, both of you.

TOM KIM: Obviously with the amount of pressure there is in the Presidents Cup, and normally you play for yourself in individual tournaments, but you play for the whole team. For me, it's actually like -- it was so comfortable just knowing, if I miss a shot, it's on me. I'm not hurting anyone else.

Just things like that, where you're in a mindset where you're a little more comfortable. For a lot of us players, it was a big learning experience, and I think we're going to keep growing.

Q. You got confidence from that too, Si Woo?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I definitely get confidence that week, and like the last three events I little struggle. Then Presidents Cup, I was a little bit nervous like the first two days. Play getting better and better. Then like Saturday we played together, and Sunday I had a great round.

I think that really helps to start the season, and that's why we're playing pretty good. Then with the good experience. So I think that was the real help.

Q. Your rounds today, I'll start with you, Si Woo, because you had the mistake but you were able to bounce back from that. Is that part of that confidence and that calmness you talked about? Because in the past you've had times like that and gone the other way, but you fought back brilliantly.

SI WOO KIM: It's like in team events, like everything, when I hit the shot first front nine when we were playing together, I was so sorry for him. I feel so sorry for him. I had to hit it great. So got to be a little bit of pressure.

But this time, like all me, as Tom say. I think that's a little different, but, yeah, we're playing together. It was so fun.

Q. Explain what happened on 12 and how you were able to bounce back.

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I had a little between numbers and then hit a little pull hook. I think always pull hook is a little bit further, so I miss it. I just missed the one shot and then kind of had a tough lie. Then I had a bad chip and then make triple.

But Manny, my caddie, said keep it positive and we can get back. Yeah, I kept positive and just played my own.

Q. And of course 15 was a pretty decent shot for eagle. Just talk us through that bunker shot.

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, it was a great bounce back from triple. I just tried out my play, and I think I was really lucky, and I think that really helps.

Q. Tom, your thoughts on today's round. You battled a little bit, but you've got yourself in a great spot.

TOM KIM: Yeah, I had a great first nine holes. I just got really mellow. I just didn't make any birdies and close out with ten pars in a row. It was pretty boring after nine, but I hung in there and definitely gave myself a little -- I kept myself in it, I think that was the biggest thing, not losing it right away.

So I stayed really patient today and gave myself a good spot going into the weekend.

Q. Looking forward to the weekend?

TOM KIM: Sure.


Q. Is that what you need to do here?

TOM KIM: Sure. A lot of birdies.

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